12 Angry Men and 2 Angry Lesbians – a bizarre night out in Manchester
146 Horsepower – pony play fun with Gypsy
30 Days of submission – Day 3029,28,27,26,25,24,23,22,21,20,19,18,17,16,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
5 alive – this girl’s blog is 5 years old (2011)
50,000 volts of self defence – thoughts on packing anti man devices
30 Days of dominance – Day
7/7 – thoughts on the 4th anniversary of the bombings


A is for – A is for … anal hook, armbinder, ankle cuffs.
A bite of the cherry – Cherry Bakewell in monoglove dress
A bit more on headspace -thoughts on headspace
A bit of housekeeping – this girl in a maids dress for a spanking photo shoot

A bondage doll encased in leather – dressed in leather and chains and played with

A bondage raggy doll– bound doll on a shelf
About the boy – thoughts on Grimly as a sub – March q&A 2014
A brainwashing session – brainwashing mask and electric torture
A canadian affair – returning from a remarkable holiday in Canada (2009)
Ache – dealing with a long distance relationship
A couple of shades of grey – yes sad to say this girl bought THAT book.
A creature of habit – this girl puts JG Leathers in the creature (2011)
Action packed – on arriving home from a kinky honeymoon

A different person – thoughts on how Ive changed
Age of steel – thoughts on the collar
Age – it’s just a number – Grimly’s birthday
A leopard can not change ever spots – some outdoor bondage dressed as a leopard and left in the cage pit
Alice and the mad hatter part 1  – Alice in Wonderland…sort of
Alice and the mad hatter part 2 – Alice in wonderland in bondage
A life less ordinary – thoughts on blogging life
All hands on deck – fun with JG Leathers at the Serious Bondage house
All the fun of the fair – Grimly and this girl at Folsom street 2011
All of a flutter – latex butterfly straight jacket
All the World’s a stage -Fun at Boundcon with Anne O’Malley, latex hood and butterfly straitjacket
All that glistens is not gold – more thoughts on Watersports following a question Q&A 2014
A long story short – from Q&A March 2013 – session duration
A love for leather – why leather is so much better than rope!
A man of few words – Grimly asks some questions Q&A march 2014
A mixed bag – body bag enclosure with electro torture
Amnesia – not always remembering sessions afterwards
Anally hooked – a new toy – anal hook – tried with estim
And now for something with a little bite – a chastity belt with teeth!
And the award for stupidity goes to – Don’t win a darwin award
An answer from Grimly – Grimly answers a reader’s question

An international incident in the making – we’re going to Paris!
An iron hand in a velvet glove  – thoughts on it being the 29th february
Answering for it – Introducing March q&A 2011
A pain in the neck – latex posture collar and corset (Red)
A perfect weekend – this girl’s first experience of pony play – pictures attached
A picture paints a thousand words – Kenny’s painting of this girl
A play on words – thoughts on whether its best to call it ‘play’
Appreciation of the little things – appreciating Grimly and stuff like that.
Area 51 – some alien like breath play fun
Are you ready for you close up – more about the video mask
A review of 2008 – Annual review 2008
A review of 2009 – a review of 2009
A review of 2010 – a review of 2010
A review of 2011 – A review of 2011
A review of 2012 – part 1 of 2
A review of 2012 – part 2 of 2
A review of 2013 – Part 1 of 2
A review of 2013 – part 2 of 2
A review of 2014 – Part 1 of 2
A review of 2014 – Part 2 of 2
A review of 2015 – Part 1 of 2
A review of 2015 – Part 2 of 2
A review of 2016 – Part 1 of 2
A review of 2016 – Part 2 of 2

As happy as a pig in shit – forced orgasm belt
As I see it but not how she did – fun with blind contact lenses with Anne O’Malley
Ask Grimly – inviting questions to ask Grimly
Asking for it – March Q&A 2015
Ask no questions I’ll tell no lies – March Q&A 2014
Asking the impossible – what happens when Grimly asks this girl something she doens’t want to do
Assaulted by the creature – being tortured in the creature courtesy of JG Leathers
A step in the right direction – ballet boots and latex
A story : part 1 – fiction
A story : part 2 – fiction
A story : part 3 – fiction
A story : part 4 – fiction
A strapping lad – fun with a straightjacket loving guy
A sweeping glance – latex maid uniform
At sixes and sevens – sixth anniversary of the collaring seventh anniversary of the blog (2013)
A sub is for life not just for Christmas – does this girl want a subby again? (2006)
At the drop of a hat – Grimly’s infamous hat
A tight spot – predicament bondage
Audience – thoughts on readership and exhibitionism
A weight of the shoulders  – fun with a red rubber straight jacket
A woman of substance – thoughts on submission and new years resolutions


B is for – B is for bondage!
Babe in the woods – pony play fun with Jlatex for serious images
Back in the swim of things – JG Leathers website returns and a photo of me in latex in the swimming pool

Back in the swing of it – some fun in the suspension swing

Balancing act – electric wooden pony torture
Ballooned! – inflatable bondage fun

Bare essentials – March q&A 2011 – What items are essential for getting started with BDSM

Bark like a dog a big dog – thoughts on submission and submitting automatically
Batteries not included – electro shock chastity belt
BDSM scrapheap challenge – scrapheap challenge!
Bedtime stories – thoughts on fetish fiction
Before the creature – preparing for the creature
BDSM relationships – this girl’s first post
Behind closed doors – preferring private play to public
Being done – thoughts on do me subs
Believing in Santa – charity santa dash 2008
Bells and whistles – about the bells and whistles Grimly includes in play
Black and blue – some fun at Exodus
Blessing in disguise – being recognised in public – response to Q&A 2014
Blondes have more fun? Fun in the chair with GoldilocksB
Blood is thicker than water– halloween fun 2011
Bloodsports – random thoughts related
Blueprints for deviousness – sorry no invention plans here!
Bondage fairytales – a picture of snow white in bondage
Bondage overkill – oh yes – lots of bondage, armbinder, catsuit, inflatables and hoods
Bondage with friends – thoughts in advance of Serious Bondage visit
Boob tube – fun with breast suction cups and watching it on the big screen!
Book review – review of ‘good girl’
Book review – of Olivia enslaved
Bounce back – Suspension bondage with electrodes – remind  you of anything ? 😉
Boundcon! Alterpic! – a preview of some upcoming fun (May 2016)
Boundcon Castaways Part 1 – fibre glass casting at Boundcon 2016 – Puppy Style
Boundcon Castaways Part 2 – fibre glass casting at Boundcon 2016
Bound in leather – leather sleep sack – pictured
Bottoming from the top – thoughts on service tops
Boxing – suspension box

Breath control – thoughts about breath play
Breath play – one of this girl’s earliest breath play experiences with a modified anaesthesia mask
Breathing space – some breath play and electrotorture fun
Bubbling over – bubbler bottle fun with a delicious duo! – Shoot for Serious Bondage!
Burning the clocks – thoughts on time
Burns Night – thoughts on fire play
Business as usual – a general update
But don’t you step on my blue suede shoes! – torturing my girl in the latex hanging cage, in blue latex.
Butterflies – this girl’s friend in the latex butterfly straight jacket


C is for – C is for chastity,chains and clamps
Canada day 2011 – a Canada day post
Can I twist your arm – new latex armbinders and hoods available for sale! 🙂
Can’t get you out of my head – more on brainwashing and the brainwashing mask

Captivating viewing – using a cctv camera during play
Captive audience -a Q&A post about audience/readers
Cart before the horse – pony play fun with Anna Rose and Jg Leathers
Cash in the attic – thought about toys in the attic
Casting call – plaster cast bondage
Cast off the shackles of yesterday – Vote for me in the bondage awards best bondage blog 2014!
Caught between a rock and a hard place – some outdoor chastity belt pictures
Caught on camera – bondage photo shoot with captive kink -armbinder straightjacket
Chain gang – outdoor bondage in canada – chained up to a friend in the garden
Champing at the bit – pony play in Canada with Lady M
Changing rooms – IKEA inspired bondage
Chastity – some of this girl’s earliest thoughts on chastity
Chastity isn’t just about not having sex – more thoughts on chastity
Cheers – a post that includes a picture of this girl in Martin’s rigid cuffs 🙂
Christmas comes but once a year – Christmas post 2013
Christmas Shopping – in latex at safe ways
Cinderella Complex – feeling weird at public events due to ex’s
Class act – burlesque class
Cloak and dagger – latex rainwear
Cold feet – jitters
Cold war – Some photos in the snow – latex style
Come again – thoughts on orgasm control following Q&A 2014
Come on in the water’s fine – latex in the swimming pool!
Comments – thank you for your comments!

Compulsory viewing – video brainwashing mask
Concerning the collar – thoughts about 24/7 collar wear and dilemmas
Confidence in me – thoughts on confidence
Cooking the sunday roast – Cooking in green latex
Cooking up trouble – new locking pvc maids dress
Count yourself lucky! – compatibility isn’t about luck
Craving for chastity – well, sometimes!

Craving torment – thoughts on the torture/chastity belt
Creating a monster – come and see what’s on the slab
Creature comforts – playing in JG Leathers’ creature
Crossing borders – latex fun with STEFFY on the US border
Crying – thoughts on tears and crying during play and after


D is for – Alphabet bondage – D is for dolly and much more
Daddy’s little girl – thoughts on age play
Dangerous minds – new head harness designed by Grimly
Dating a dominant – thoughts on whether living together will be different to dating
Dealing with defiance – Grimly knows how to deal with a brat!
Dealing with the staff – fun with the fuck machine
Deconditioning after orgasm control – thoughts on how this would work (if it had to)
Destiny and chance – thoughts on these two topics – and people
Deviations from the rule – a night at DV8

Devious restraint – steel bondage
Disjointed and disconnected – running around like a headless chicken (again!)
Distance D/s – thoughts on long term relationships -after about 2 years.
Ditto – sometimes it’s hard to say I love you

Diversion tactics – more of the video mask
DIY – thoughts on self bondage
Does every tail have a happy ending – thoughts on puppy play
Dolled up – made to look like a doll
Do my bidding – Charity Auction
Do you really want to hurt me – masochism in a loving relationship
Don’t make a scene – thoughts on playing in public
Double Trouble – breath play and latex shoot for Serious bondage
Draw together – dressed in latex for Comicon!
Dressed to kill – some latex pictures with a crazy dude in a gas mask 😉
Dressing or undressing to please – thoughts on fetish clothing or lack of it

Drinking gag – close up of the drinking gag Grimly made
Drink me – thoughts on alcohol and bdsm
Drop zone – on sub drop

Dungeon desires – bondage in a tower, medieval style
Duty of care – torturing STEFFY in the chair


E is for – Bondage Alphabet – E is for electrics and eroscillator and more
Electric chair – An article for serious bondage
Electro-torture – thoughts on whether it is torture actually or not
Elegance and electrics – playing with electrics at a fancy party
Embryos of kink – born kinky and nurtured to be kinky?
Encasement – latex sleep sack

Endurance – tower of pain nipple torture
Enemas – thoughts following this girl’s first ever enema

Erotic humiliation – in the cage with a drinking gag and an enema
Escapist fantasies – the difference between fantasy and reality
Evacuation – a new gask mask has arrived
Every cloud has a silver lining – coming 2nd in bondage awards – bondage blog 2012
Everything but – anal play
Everything but the puddles on the floor – puppy play with a friend
Every dog has its day – puppy play at MARS
Everything in the garden is rosy – some outdoor bondage with the harness and a leather corset dress – and link to video clip
Exercise can be torture – the idea of a fuck machine exercise bike
Exhibitionism and exposure – accidentally showing off in public

Exhibitionists – thoughts after trip to the Louvre


F is for – fuck machine
Face off – sharing a bondage hood!
Face time – do I worry about showing my face – short answer – no
Faith, hope and love – how marriage differs/or is the same as slavery
Falling for an illusion – falling for someone with imagination and creativity
Falling into submission – becoming submissive when it doesn’t quite feel natural?
FanFARE – This girl flamenco style
Fantasies and fears – the difference thats all
Fantasy life – what are your fantasies?
Far from angelic behaviour – bratting just a little bit
Far from a one trick pony – Electric wooden pony torture
Fat chance – Inflatable latex straight jacket
Favourite things – a post by Mrs Feendish – molly sings at the cabaret
Feendishly festive greetings to you – Christmas wishes 2011
Fetish Festival – this girl and Grimly will be attending DV8 fetish festival 2014
Fidget – fidgeting whilst in bondage
Fiends and family – Grimly meeting this girl’s family for the first time
Figure hugging – a new latex cheongsam dress!
Flying – suspension fun with friends
Fly on the wall – thoughts on what one would think
Follow my leader – about not following the crowd
Following orders – thoughts about the order in which kit is used
For better or worse – wedding plans!
Forgetfulness – Remembrance sunday (2009)
For the time being – March Q&A 2013 – Is there a piece of bondage equipment you like spending a lot of time in.
Four candles – this girl’s blog is four years old (2010)
Friends’ award – A Friends award 2009
Friends in high places – high suspension bondage in the trees
Friendship – should you be friends with your dom?
Friendships that bind – bondage fun with friends
Friends with benefits – Serious bondage party at MARS 2015
From top to toe – new leather corset dress
Frozen! – Latex snow angel
Frustration to a T – the yoke is on trinity pup 😉
Full of the joys of spring – testing our version of the creature
Full tilt – medical inversion table and breath play
Fully equipped dungeon for sale – so whats the catch?


G is for – G is for Green latex, Gas mask, gloves and glass dildos

Gagging order – thoughts on gags
Gearing up – getting her pony outfit ready for Folsom Street 2011
Get knotted – Grimly’s thoughts on rope bondage
Get used to it – bondage equipment this girl loves to hate! (neck corsets and chastity!)

Getting into Grimly’s trousers – on fetish wear and dress codes

Girl you’re doomed – double plugged torture
Giving it some welly – thoughts on kinky wellies!
Going from strength to strength – thoughts about physical and mental strength in dominants
Gold rush – reminiscing about some fun times with the delectable trinity pup 🙂
Gone fishing – anal hook and bondage
Grab a chair – Serious bondage video of the chair
Grass roots bondage – Sleepsack bondage outdoors
Great expectations – what would be the best first session
Great reads – a blog award
Green day – Green latex in the countryside
Grimly is sick – a photo story
Grimly’s doll – shiny bondage doll
Grimly’s thoughts on predicament bondage – Grimly’s thoughts
Guilty as charged – bondage robot on an electric stand
Guys and dolls – fun with STEFFY
Hanging in the balance – Horizontal suspension bondage
Hang in there – upside down suspension with bolero straight jacket

Hang on just a second – Bound in latex try out Grimly’s suspension rig
Happy feet – latex stockings on sale at TLC
Happy Easter – Easter 2015
Happy halloween – a kinky halloween poem
Happy thanksgiving Canada – Thanksgiving 2009
Harem – thoughts on being a hareem slave girl
Has she got the bottle – some breath play with the bubbler bottle and butterfly straight jacket
Hat trick – gorgeous photos taken with
Having nun of it – having fun with STEFFY – rubber nun
Having one’s cake and eating it – human table/fuck machine/torture device!
Headology – some thoughts on subspace
Heavy metal – custom made steel restraints
Heavy petting – puppy play with trinity pup
Hello dolly – playing with rubber doll toy dolly
Help – help this girl decide what new toy to buy!
Here comes the bride – less than 6 months to the wedding!
Here’s looking at you kid – eye contact restrictions
Her Master’s voice – thoughts on Grimly’s voice
Her sadist, torturer, lover & her friend – thoughts on sadism , can a sadist be loving?
High five – 5th anniversary of Grimly collaring this girl
H is for – Hobble dresses!

Hips don’t lie – pictures of my new latex corset/neck corset combo
His steely determination – electric control belt
Hit the sack – this girl in a darlex lotus sack
Home made BDSM equipment – Grimly’s ability to make things

Honk if you like kinky pictures – some lobbying about new kink laws
Hooded dream – studio gum hood
Hooded headtrips – why this girl likes hoods so much

Hooked – facial bondage hooks
Hormones – the dreaded PMT
Hot pants – straight jacket and gas mask fun with a lovely lady in hot pants
Hot to trot – fun at a pony event in Birmingham
How long – how long has this girl spent on the fucking machine?
How very british! – a radio interview with Pauline Reague
Human Interest – tv wedding show with a kink theme
Humiliation – thoughts on humiliation
Hunger – hungry to see Grimly
Hurt not harm – the difference

Hypnosis and control of the mind – hypnosis and the brainwashing mask
Identity – thoughts about identity and secret identity
If Carlsberg made slave girls – a fun post

IF Grimly was to get a book deal – Home made bdsm for dummies
I hardly  have time to breathe – a Q&A post about gas masks
I have a cunning plan – thoughts on planning bdsm sessions
I is for – Inflation and insertables
I’ll always feel this way about you – cuddles and chastity and other thoughts
Imagination – the benefits of having a good imagination

Imprisoned in latex – vac bed
In a bind – darlex dress and arm binder

In captivity – in the cage
Inception – thoughts about dreams
In deep – video of pool party with Serious Bondage
Independence Day 2011 – a 4th july post
Informed consent – thoughts on the closure of informed consent
In graphic detail – Cosplay at Comicon as Silk Spectre II in latex
In my neck of the woods – outdoor bondage chained to a tree in kinky woodlands.
Inspiration – recreating a cartoon about latex and electro-torture
In the pink – This girl’s cabaret act
In your face bondage – facial bondage including axsmar nose hook
I robot – the robot mask Grimly made
It’s easy to be brave from a safe distance – thoughts on being cheeky to a dom when you’re in a long distance relationship
It needn’t be a pain in the bum – new toy – inflatable enema plug
It takes two – bondage fun with a couple – Goldilocks & C
I’ve started so I’l finish– Q&A 2014 – Who initiates a scene
I want my mummy! – fun in San Francisco with 3 guys being mummified whilst this girl was packaged up
I wouldn’t harm a hair on your head – Grimly plays a mindfuck
January Sales – Locked for Infinity January sale
J is for . . . – JG Leathers getting his just desserts with a big whack of juice

Je t’aim sinistrement diabolique – thoughts on a romantic trip to Paris
Jubilee celebrations – british themed latex photos in blackpool

Just a few of the buttons he pushes – thoughts on the control centre and Grimly controlling everything remotely

Just a figment of the imagination – is this really real?
Just married – just married!
Just married (again) – Grimly and thisgirl have been handfasted 🙂
Just my cup of tea – visiting a fem domme event
Keeping things clear – thoughts on dominance and on submission
Keep your chin up – latex posture collar and corset
Kept in the dark – thoughts on hoods
Kidnapped! – the idea of being kidnapped
Kinky Christmas Countdown – a kinky advent calendar 2013 12,  34567891011121314151617, 1819202122,2324,
K is for – K is for …
Kissing girls – thoughts following a spanking shoot
Knowing – thoughts on interrogation
Lady in red – straight jacket fun with trinity pup
Lady in waiting – this girl all shiny waiting for a go in the creature
La jaconde – the 100th anniversary of the theft of mona lisa picture of this girl in Paris

Landing behind enemy lines – invading in a suspension rig and gas mask

Latex straight jacket – new latex straight jacket

Last minute – some more questions for Q&A March 2011
Layers – Grimly adds bondage layers to this girl
Learning BDSM – is that possible?
Lick into Shape – a chair session with ToyDolly
Life is a cabaret old chum – this girl gets all burlesque!
Life on Mars – night out at Mars fetish club and a few other random things
Life’s a bitch! – Puppy play including mask and engineered anal tail plug
L is for – leather latex lycra and levitation

Literary effort – if you want to write to me, make some effort!
Live and Learn – an answer during March Q&A 2014
Losing yourself in role – thoughts on role play
Love all – a tennis girl themed post
Love-hate – loving to hate evil devices

Love hurts – more relationship thoughts
Lovely weather for ducks – Kent fetish festival 2015
Love our lurkers 3 – Love our lurkers 2008
Love our lurkers 5– love our lurkers 2010
Love our lurkers 6 – love our lurkers 2011
Love our lurkers 7 – love our lurkers 2012
Love our lurkers 8 – love our lurkers 2013
Love our lurkers 9 – Love our Lurkers 2014 edition
Love our Lurkers 11 – Love our lurkers 2016 edition

Loving one – thoughts on what would have been my Grandma’s birthday

Maid to dress up – pink maids dress and red straight jacket
Made to talk – thoughts on interrogation play

Maid into what he wants – dressed up as a maid and electrocuted
Make the right choice on election day – thoughts on voting as per your dominant, or not.
Making it to that point – a post on orgasms during play
Making love – thoughts on sex
Mannequin – fun with a flesh coloured zentai
Married into it – Second wedding anniversary
Master craftsmen – about those who can make stuff
Master mind – the chair
Master’s collar – thoughts on having Grimly’s collar
Master’s property – some thoughts on ownership and possession
Meeting needs – relationship thoughts.
Meme – a meme 2008

Memorandum to hell – random thoughts
Memory – favourite kink memories to date (2009)
Mental submission – thoughts on struggling with submission
Merry Christmas – 2009
Merry Christmas – (2011)

Mind modification – the brainwashing mask and dentist chair
Mind over matter – more thoughts on brainwashing
Mirror mirror on the wall – thoughts on appearance
M is for – m is for mummification, mmm and more…
Model behaviour – a post on ethics

Money isn’t everything – is it possible to do all this without much cash? – YES
Money matters – why we don’t have a donate feature on the blog
More confessions – of a brat
More on controlled orgasms – on orgasm control and denial
More than words – whether labels really fit

Moulin Rouge – thoughts after a visit to the cabaret!

Mr Gobble Gobble – thoughts on a funny profile – Christmas themed
My first, my last…. – an anniversary post
My space – playing in public
New Years traditions -a kinky start to 2010
N is for – N is for nosehooks, nipple clamps, neck corset…
N is also for …  neoprene!

Networking and being popular – you can keep it

Neverwhere and Inbetween – thoughts on a parallel universe
No bottling out – latex straightjacket, electro-torture and bubbler bottle
Not always black and white – black and white latex posture collar and corset combo
Not equal but halves of a whole – I am a dominant – poem
Not let off the hook – threatening a friend with an anal hook!
Not so straight-laced – having fun corseting and tying up trinity pup

Not suffering fools – thoughts on april fools day
Of human bondage – bondage works best in a loving relationship
Oh baby baby – on the having kids issue
Oh my – spanking in the big bang theory!
Oh i do love to be the seaside – some jubilee themed latex photos in Blackpool
Oh no – orgasms and obedience
O is for – Orgasm Overload
On a night like this – a night out at Exodus in Birmingham with a special lady
On a scale of 1 to 10 – my blog is 10 today (june 2016)
One in a million – finding mr right?

One more step – recreating a kinky artwork – bondage galore
One of those women – using kink to find love? Well, yeah probably

One year on – anniversary of our collaring
On the bench – kinky outdoor fun – being tied to the arch bench at Bridgewood
On the safe side – about safe words
On the straight and narrow – about straight jackets and NOT being straight
On your marks – about bruises
Opening ceremony – new playroom ready – some suspension fun!
Orgasm rights -does play have to end in orgasm?
Outstanding in the field – outside bondage in Canada, dressed in rubber and displayed
Out of the frying pan into the fire – headaches at work
Pack up your troubles – Grimly is moving in!
Pain processing and the pride of masochism – forcing yourself to take more
Pancake day – cooking pancakes in a latex maid’s dress
Paralysis – the thought of being paralysed and tortured

Partnership -more on relationships
Party piece – fun with our friends and Serious Bondage
Patience – kinky card game
Paying for it – thoughts on when this girl was a pro submissive
Penetration – thoughts on sex
Perceptions of pain– pain tolerance

Phobias and fetishes – thoughts on fears
Piece of cake – kinky birthday cake!
Pieces of eight – This girl’s weblog is eight!
Piercing – thoughts on piercing
P is for  – pony and pet play pals!
Plans for global domination – should Grimly make things for sale?
Playing for the first time – this girl’s first play with Grimly
Playing with dolls – playing with STEFFY in maid outfits
Playing with fire – celebrating bonfire night at Bridgewood – kinky outdoor bondage
Playing to his tune – being tortured to music
Play with me – The winter blues get in the way of play a little
Pleasure is the greatest incentive to evil – dominant thoughts
Plug n play – double plugged and bondage
Points of view – some pictures of some latex fun at a viewpoint in San Francisco
Politically and socially incorrect – thoughts on this following recent things in the media
Pony day and the barnyard club – pony event day 2009
Pony girl training – pony girl on a treadmill
Pop the question – introducing Q&A month 2012

Pornographic – this blog isn’t pornographic it’s just stuff
Positives and Negatives – relationship thoughts

Presenting Exhibit A – on a display stand, electrocuted
Pressing issues – breast press
Public play – some thoughts on public play and why this girl prefers play in private

Pulsating – an electro play scene
Punishing a masochist – how do you punish someone who loves pain
‘Punish me’ said the mascohist – thoughts on masochism
Putting my feet up – some fun with a bolero straight jacket and captive kink
Putting things down in black and white – a black and white straight jacket, fun with Johnmik
Put to the question – march Q&A 2011
Put your hands on your head – old fashioned corset/torture device
Q&A – Q&A March 2009
Q&A month twist – Ask Grimly – ASk Grimly questions (2009)
Quality time – thoughts about how long this girl spends in bondage
Question Master – an interview with Grimly
Question time – March Q&A 2010
Q is for – Queening of course!
Raising the bar – thoughts on new ideas
Reactions – are reactions during play really meant?
Reading too much into things? – a bondage bookcase
Reaping what you sow – pony girl ploughing
Re-breathing – on breath play

Recipe for instant submission – basically there isn’t one
Recognition – thoughts on whether its good or bad to get recognised
RED – Red latex, red hair – Valentines day!
Red letter day – fun in red latex with J
Reinventing the wheel – animation of pony girl training wheel
Relatively emotional – a family bereavement
Remembrance Sunday – Remembrance Sunday 2008
Resistance in futile – March Q&A 2011 – do you fight restraint?
Rewiring – latex and electric torture
R is for – Bondage alphabet – R – is for red, rubber,restraints…and more 🙂

Ripped open and laid bare – playing with the leather sleepsack and electricity
Rise and shine – Fun in latex on our 5th wedding anniversary
Risk assessments – health and safety!
Room 101 – testing out some hoods for latex 101
Room Service! – bondage goings on in a hotel room
Rubber Rebellion – advertising a Rubber event in the north west
Rules and rituals – thoughts on rules

Russell Square – thoughts on London attacks 3 years on

Sack time – fun with the studio gum inflatable sack with Lady Annisa
Sadomasochistic confessions – thoughts on self play
Safe house – more on safe words
Same difference – this girl’s fetishes as a submissive compared to her fetishes as a dominant.
Screw that – more about the Axsmar nose hook
Seal of approval – vac bed pictures
Sealed with a kiss – latex kissing hood and straight jacket
Seeing red – red latex bondage straight jacket

Self imaging – thoughts on body image

Sensory overload -thoughts on overload as opposed to deprivation
Serious about the boy – a post about Grimly and this girl’s third wedding anniversary with some neoprene suspension pictures from serious bondage
Service with a smile – is this girl a service submissive?
Setting the scene – preparing for a big session
Seven year itch – written when this girl had been into bdsm about 7 years
Sex & BDSM – thoughts on how sex and bdsm go together
Sex doll – latex sex doll

Sexually charged -dressed up as a leather bondage doll and electrocuted
Sexy – sexy blogger award
Sharing this insanity – more fun with velvet claw
She’s got a strop on – March Q&A 2013 – A post about pegging/strap ons
She won’t get off scot free! – Thoughts on Mrs Feendish’subbie living in Scotland
Ship Shape – Nautical themed suspension bondage
Shopping therapy sunday #1 – a review of Mchurt
Shopping therapy Sunday #2 – a review of Axsmar
Shopping therapy Sunday #3 – a review of Leatherotics
Shopping therapy sunday #4 – a review of Devus
Shopping therapy sunday #5 – a review of Lovehoney
Shopping therapy sunday #6 – a review of FREAK club wear
Shopping therapy sunday #7 – a review of Extreme Restraints
Shopping therapy Sunday #8 – a review of Trussed
Shopping therapy Sunday #9  – a review of Locked for Infinity
Shopping therapy Sunday #10 – a review of Estim Systems
Shopping therapy Sunday #11 – a review of Libidex
Show some restraint – leather armbinder corset dress photos
S is for – The bondage alphabet – S – straightjacket and suspension and more
Single-gloved – bondage with an armbinder and lots more overkill
Sisters in slavery – a review of a book by Charles Graham
Sitting pretty – play session in the dentist chair
Sit up and pay attention – some fun with the butterfly straight jacket
Sit ups? – Steel bondage and smoky latex – pictured
Six of the best – blog’s sixth birthday
Six years…. – this girl has been into bdsm six years
Skeletons in the cupboard -thoughts about fetish wear
Slave for a day – charity concept
Sleep over – latex sleep sack
Sleep tight – some bedroom bondage – bubbler bottle and inflatable latex
Slightly fucked up – upside down suspension and orgasms
Slippery when wet! – kinky mojo
Slot machine – ideas for kinky arcade games
S/m without D/s and vice versa – can this work, random thoughts.
Snap out of it – orgasm control
Soap opera – latex fun in the bath
Some mothers do ave em – thoughts following a surprise family visit
Something blue – blue armbinder straightjacket photos
Something’s afoot – thoughts on foot fetishism following a fish pedicure
Sometimes a girl just needs to put her feet up – green latex, bondage, breath play
Special delivery – funny video on youtube
Special service – dressing as a maid for Grimly
Speculi – dressed as a latex nurse in white rubber
Spell bound – thoughts on the magicians water closet trick and water bondage
Split in two – electric wooden pony fun with Anne O’Malley
Sssssh – thoughts on gags
Starter for ten – ten kink questions
Starting the ball rolling -Q&A March 2013 – who starts a session
State of the art – about the concept of a friend doing a kinky painting
State of frustration – chastity belt torture
Step back in time  – reactions to Kylie!
Stick together – some fun with bondage tape
Still here – green latex and the scavenger’s daughter
Stocking up for Christmas – gratuitous holiday picture

St George’s day – reminiscing about a St George’s day on a St Andrew’s cross

Stick and carrot treatment – conquer me don’t expected devoted submission without it being learnt
Straight from the horse’s mouth – pony play in Wales 2011
Straight to the point – fun with a posey straight jacket
Stuck in traffic – thoughts on stats
Sub drop – thoughts on sub drop
Submissive guide – thoughts about submissive guide
Submissive guide post – A farewell to informed consent
A submissive guide post – Being with an older dominant
Submissive guide post – going the distance
Submissive guide post – Love, honour and obey
Submissive guide post– review of the diary of a submissive
Submissive guide post – Rules of engagement
Submissive guide post – Showing face
Submissive guide post – symbols of ownership
Submissive guide post – Talking shop
Submissive guide post – The female of the species
Submissive guide post – the value of a slave
Submissive guide post – what a pain
Submissive guide post – What makes a good dominant?
Submissive guide post – you are what you read
Submissive guide blog hop – How do you find a dominant
Subwise 1 – what does submission mean
Subwise 2 – good advice
Subwise 3 – Ease of obedience
Subwise 7 – Romance
Suck it and see – fun with the latex non face covering vac bed, gas mask and bubbler bottle
Suitably shocked – surprising Grimly
Sunday drivers – some sexy pictures with this girl’s MGF
Superman – thoughts on secret identity
Swinging – suspension not swapping!
Swing into high gear – horizontal suspension in leather bondage
Switch on, switch off – some thoughts on being a switch
Talk dirty to me – thoughts on talking during play
Take the floor – in metal bondage on the floor unable to move
Taking a look under the hood – a male submissive’s perspective on hoods
Taking charge – introducing Mrs Feendish
Taking the rough with the smooth – thoughts following a kidnapping
Templates for torture – thoughts on creativity

Tension – hogtied

Testing times – testing our ‘creature-like suspension rig!
Thanks a million – a million views (2009)
That’s a wrap – being wrapped in cling film by a sexy lady
That’s it ! You’re sacked – electrotorture in the sleepsack courtesy of friends bound in latex
That’s the spirit! – Halloween 2014
The Apprentice – suited and booted for BBB
The blind side – some fun in San Francisco with a ‘guide-subby’
The boy who didn’t grow up – Grimly’s peter pan syndrome
The butterfly effect – demonstrating the Mchurt butterfly straight jacket
The centre of attention – thoughts on index

The chronicles of a masochist – random thoughts
The creature revisited – thoughts about the creature
The Creature Vs the chair – A comparison in a fun way

The day after the Revolution – about Rubber Revolution, London

The day we went to Blackpool – about a weekend at the Unit in Blackpool
The diaper position – March Q&A 2011 – Question on diapers
The doctors touch – playing with Doctor Feendish

The doctor will see you now – Grimly as a scary surgeon in latex!
The dollhouse – thoughts following the series the dollhouse
The face behind the nightmare – about Grimly
The girl next door – March Q&A 2013 – When did you first realise you were into girls?
The grim reality – thoughts on the potential of living with a sadistic bastard
The hanging cage – this girl’s first experience of the hanging cage

The hangover – fun with friends in latex and the hanging cage at new year 2016/2017
The impatient patient – why the playroom looks clinical
The internet and BDSM & D/s thoughts on how the internet has changed D/s
The Interview – Serious Bondage interview Grimly/playroom tour
The luggage – emotional baggage
The master puppetter – being Grimly’s bondage puppet
The men in white coats will take you away – posey straight jacket
THe most important thing is pleasing Master’s cock – is it??? 😉
The odd couple – thoughts on this girl and Grimly’s relationship
The other side of things – about being dominant
The parent trap – what if parents were kinky???!
The pros and cons – thoughts on pro doms and pro subs
The price to pay for having a nice bum – thoughts following a pro-spankee session
The quiet man – thoughts on ownership, marriage and a few other relationship values

The revenge of the fuck machine – the fuck machine comes back
The right contacts – fun with black contact lenses

The robotics of sex – thoughts on being used by the fuck machine

The slave auction – auction fantasies
The social network – a post about friends
The spirit is willing – sometimes the mind wants bdsm and the body doesn’t
The story so far – fiction
The tail wagging the dog -life taking over – but nice pic of a big butt plug!

The third degree – thoughts on involved a third in the relationship
The thought police – thoughts on being controlled mentally

The toymaker – thoughts about making our own toys
The toy that changed things – how trying different toys can change perspectives
The three R’s – more fun with Anna Rose, lots of latex goodness

The thoughts behind saying Yes MasterThe thoughts behind saying Yes Master – more on submission
The thrill of the chaste – some more thoughts on chastity with pictures

The used fantasy – thoughts on this subject
The villian of the piece – thoughts on Grimly, super villain!
The voice of your sub conscious – how to talk to your dom
The waiting game – latex bondage fun with captive kink
The weight of words – talking things through
The wetter the better – Grimly gets this girl with the hose whilst she’s wearing latex
The white glove test – a chair torture session with some white latex
The whole nine yards – random update
The wild wild west of Wales – outdoor pony and pet play in Wales 2009
Things come in threes – three girls in bondage

This girl in chains – this girl in chains and bondage
This little piggy – fun with bound in latex – featuring a  humiliating latex piggy mask

This suspense is terrible. I hope it will last – hanging cage bondage
Three – this girl’s blog is three (2009)
Three’s company – latex and steel bondage fun with Alterpic
Three wise subbies – 3 girls in straight jackets!
Through thick and thin – on dieting
This girl is a submissive woman – poem
Thoughts on playing with other people – thoughts on whether this works or not
Ties that bind – anniversary of the hand fasting
Time for some TLC – like this girl’s latex gear – you can now buy !
Time restraints – did this girl and Grimly meet at the right time?
Tiptoeing around the situation – pony girl on a treadmill
T is for – triple penetration torture
Titilation – evil nipple magnets
TMI – Difficulties with interrogation play
Tolerance – how tolerance changes over time
Toil and Trouble – vamping it in the graveyard highland house 2015
To itch a metaphor for masochism – some early thoughts on masochism
TOM : boy – a story
Too old for this shit – thoughts following meeting a 90 year old spanking enthusiast
Top gear – latex and a vintage MG
Touch wood – pony play at bridgewood

Treatment and therapy – latex nurse
Turning on the waterworks – getting annoyed at plumbers!
Turn me on – this girl in the creature (2011)
Twenty questions – 20 questions on kink
U is for – bondage alphabet – U is for uniform and utility gag
Unconditional – thoughts and emotions following a bereavement
Unsafe words – dangerous things to tell Grimly
Up on her high horse – wooden pony torture
Values – about trust and honesty and other things like that
Violent want – a post on masochism
V is for – bondage alphabet – V is for vac bed and vibrators
Voice-activated – about remembering voices
Wanting it or needing it – thoughts on needs
Watching it happen – Video mask
Weirdness – white leather harness – wearing white prior to the wedding
We have ways of making you talk – interrogation play
Well it never hurt to ask – inviting posts for Q&A 2013
What came first the chicken or the egg – 50 shades of chicken video
What I did on my holidays – kinky holidays
What it’s all about – would you really want this girl’s life
What it means to call him master – thoughts on this.
What’s the point – The point of bdsm?
When a masochist gets cold feet– things dont’ always go they way you expect them to
When girls don’t put out – a funny
When the shit hits the fan – a post about scat – which this girl is NOT into
Wheres’ my head at – how to switch between reality and kink?
Whose therapy – spanking for therapy
Why? – Why choose BDSM
Wicked Wednesday – A piercing scream
Wicked Wednesday – Asking for trouble
Wicked Wednesday – As I see it but not how she did
Wicked Wednesday – A trip down memory lane
Wicked Wednesday – Back to the future

Wicked Wednesday – Bubble and Squeak – fun in the bath
Wicked Wednesday – Byte me!
Wicked Wednesday – Every rose has its thorn
Wicked Wednesday – In my wildest dreams
Wicked Wednesday – Mad, bad and dangerous to know
Wicked Wednesday – No one
Wicked Wednesday – No no no yes no no YES – a post about the word no
Wicked Wednesday  – I’ll have what she’s having – a post about orgasms
Wicked Wednesday – Promiscuity
Wicked Wednesday – Spoilt for choice
Wicked Wednesday – The nervous system
Wicked Wednesday – the tracks of my tears
Wicked Wednesday – Under her belt
Wicked Wednesday – Wet dream
Wicked Wednesday – your kink is not my kink
Winging it – fun with two butterfly straight jackets one leather one latex
Winter blues – blue latex whilst in spain
Winter is coming! – Snow and latex!
Withdrawal symptoms – Grimly is giving up smoking
W is for – Bondage alphabet – W is for white, wicked, wet!
Woman in black – Mrs Feendish in a corset, thoughts on Domme dressing
Words – thoughts on grammar and language

Writing her name – why this name
X is for – bondage alphabet – X is for St Andrews cross
Y is for -bondage alphabet – y is for yoke and yanking!
YOU! – When this girl met Grimly
You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink – pony shoot for Serious Bondage
You’re going to pay for this! – thoughts on whether a pro domme is really in control
You’ve made your bed now lie in it! – bedroom bondage
Z is for – Bondage alphabet – Z is for Zentai