Compulsory viewing

Picture – video mask and electro – torture

In the previous blog this girl wrote about how after installing a cctv camera in the playroom Grimly has been able to watch what is happening to her from downstairs…..

But…this is much BETTER or worse…or more of a mind fuck…depending on your viewpoint!

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Bra of torture?

Picture – electro vac torture bra & video mask

Following on from the previous post……Germaine Greer once stated that bras were a ‘ridiculous invention’ and her contemporaries in the 1960s are remembered for creating a “Freedom Trash Can” and filling it with their bras, high-heeled shoes, makeup, corsets, magazines, and other items thought to be “instruments of torture” and items that enforced femininity. It was not, apparently, set on fire, though the bra burning imagery is something we associate with feminism.

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