Cart before the horse


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Whilst Grimly and I were at Anna Rose and Uwe’s place in May we did a pony girl shoot together along with our Canadian friends, JG Leathers, Henry and Tia. The video of this was put up on last week…I’m … Continue reading

Pony Day & The Barnyard Club

This girl and Grimly went to two events at the weekend – both on a pony and pet play theme – both very different but equally amazing!

The weekend began with an early morning jaunt over the border this time to Lancashire. Minus hat. Minus men at work (thank fuck!)

This girl HATES Lancashire. There’s no logical reason for that , apart from the fact she originally comes from Yorkshire, it’s neighbour. Its one of those regional turf war things. Though, after the weekend, Lancashire certainly has a few more appealing reasons for a visit than it did before!

After a few transport related issues, this girl and Grimly arrived there  on time, and met up with other friends. Geetwo & Maxi (of geetwo stories) & Troublekeeper and his beautiful pony girl, Gypsy. It was good actually going to an event with the purpose of meeting people, and having fun 🙂

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