Hanging around

Picture – horizontal suspension

The other day this girl’s Master tried out his new suspension frame on her. This girl had not tried horizontal suspension before (unless you count supported in a leather sling) so this was kind of different. It felt quite disorientating to be hanging like that and a little spacy. Its the type of play really where trust comes a lot into it.

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The ‘brainwashing machine’

Picture – brainwashing/hypnotism mask

This is probably one of this girl’s Master’s more unusual inventions : –

It is a dream machine in this case it came from mindmachines. Her Master built the electronics from the light glasses into a saber mask and added an intercom function for good measure. It is normally controlled by computer using either brainwave generator program or mindmachines own software. It can also work just as well with music. Whatever sounds are fed into the setup can also be routed through the ET-312 (e-stim) so it becomes sensory overload rather than sensory deprivation as the lights and sounds can be timed with shocks and its all simulataneous.

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Wooden pony riding (with a difference)

Pictures – wooden pony & electric wooden pony

A couple of girls whose blogs this girl reads have written about wooden ponies recently, libby and lc and this weekend this girl’s experiences of the pony increased a little as well…..

This girl had first tried a pony quite a while ago and it is an interesting sensation. The original one her Master obtained is this one

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Harnessed and controlled

Over the last few days this girl’s Master made her a new harness…this is it..(shown here with zentai suit, sabre gas mask and breath control apparatus)

The harness was made out of leather and the collar is attached onto the shoulder straps and there is just one locking point (aside from the collar one) that holds it all together at the waist at the back. He had made it very tight so that it would remind this girl of her bondage to him…he’s a perv that way! lol

This afternoon he had this girl double plugged and in the harness whilst he was playing with her and also had her that way whilst setting her the task of making his afternoon coffee but he ‘forgot’ to unclip her wrists from the waist band which made it extremely difficult especially when the sugar was in an eye level cupboard but this girl managed – just! Earlier in the week she had made the mistake of putting salt in his coffee and whilst she was tempted to get a similar revenge it did not seem a good idea today. The punishment for the salt incident had been to plug her and put her in the chastity belt whilst taking her round the local market much to her discomfort, and, as she was already in bondage and plugged the next punishment he would think of would likely be worse so she didnt lol. This girl has tried her very best lately not to brat and is doing well but sometimes when he is a ******* then it is really tempting to try it! Tempting..yet possibly stupid. lol.

Though really its all good that he’s back to being devilish, fiendish and downright sadistic with her, which is all good fun 🙂

Anyway, while she was kneeling with her harness on this afternoon it helped this girl get in the right mindset. Being bound like that and in that position does something to this girl that makes her feel extremely submissive and extremely turned on. To be how he wants, and not able to do anything about it even if she wanted is all part of the control. Though of course being mentally restricted is as much fun as physically, as its also the promise or threat of what might happen after that adds to the control together with not wanting to let him down or spoil the fantasy.

Some people turn your world upside down…

Picture – bondage tilting frame

Here is a picture of the latest project this girl’s Dom made and a clue as to what they got up to this weekend…….

This is a modified tilt frame which is sort of exercise machine but modified to add convient restraints. The idea eventually (well by next week lol) will be that it has a ’tilt-switch on it so that if it tilts past a certain angle it can set off the electro-box. Yes. Sadistic 😉 Saying that, this girl supposes that if you have something to distract from the blood rushing to your head then maybe who knows its not so bad !

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Homemade BDSM equipment

BDSM equipment is something that takes time to accumulate, whether it be corporal punishment equpiment, torture ‘accessories’, bondage equipment and furniture or anything else imaginable. For a lot of people it will be a collection of things that they’ve mostly bought via the internet or at fetish fairs and generally the quality of bought BDSM equipment can vary in quality and price and there are plenty of ways to get ripped off! Mostly by paying too much for an item of inferior quality.

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