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The bondage alphabet continues! To recap – the previous letters of the bondage alphabet are here – A, B, C, D, E, F, G ,H, I, J,K ,L, M ,N , O, P, Q , R and S T is for triple penetration, thigh cuffs, tension, TENS, tit electrics and of course torture 😉 In these pictures this girl is … Continue reading

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The bondage alphabet continues! To recap – the previous letters of the bondage alphabet are here – A, B, C, D, E, F, G ,H, I, J,K ,L, M and N O is for orgasm overload and technically also for open-breasted catsuit and open faced hood (not that you can see the hood … Continue reading

Shopping therapy Sunday #10 : E-stim Systems

This is the tenth post in a series on various kink retail experiences this girl has had. This series of posts are based on personal experience and are not sponsored reviews, she has not received any money or free products based on her comments.

Hopefully this series might introduce you to some new items and websites you might not have seen before or give you confidence to go ahead with a purchase. Anyway hopefully you will enjoy! 

Shop : E- Stim Systems
Located in : UK
Available to visit in person : No shop premises however attend fetish events across the UK
Language :  English :  items priced in £


Site layout : Easy to navigate, products categorised by type i.e power boxes and electrodes, useful safety information also included.
Items available : A range of electro play power boxes and electrodes for men and women including different inventive designs.
Pricing : reasonable and great for the quality bearing in mind electro play can turn into quite an expensive fetish
Ordering :shopping cart system with various payment methods. You can set up an account and get updates and things too.
Communication : Friendly and keep you updated. This girl first came across E-stim systems at the BBB and they are very friendly and knowledge about what they make and sell.
Postage : From memory it was reasonable

What this girl boughtRemote control power box

This girl bought the remote control power box from Estims not long after it first came out which was around about 2006 as a birthday present for Grimly.   She thought he might enjoy combining remote-control e-stim with other things whilst either at fetish events or out shopping, or well, anywhere! Grimly had already made the remote control shocker on the chastity belt  which delivered a short sharp shock above the clit, but the idea behind the e-stims box was that it would work with any electrode such as an internal one or pads.

To be honest its not seen a great deal of use, mainly because most of the electro play this girl and Grimly do is at home and Grimly has some Erostek ET312’s for that.  However this girl and Grimly have had a lot of fun with it when its been used and it has three different ways of shocking you, a short shock, a constant one, or a pulse and the power goes from mild to certainly higher than this girl can take. This girl’s alter ego Mrs Feendish used it on her sub at the last club they were at with quite interesting results 😉 (ok so thats an understatement but you can go away and use your imagination a bit) The only thing this girl doesn’t like about the remote box is that there’s no display to say what level its on but then its perhaps more fun working that out by reading reaction rather than a display  -at least in the situations where she’s in control of the buttons!

The aftercare from Estims is what makes them really good and their products come with a lifetime guarantee which not very many kink retailers will do that. This girl had to have something updated on her box a year or two after she got it and they were incredibly helpful. Whilst this girl and Grimly like the control box they have from Erostek as well, Erostek don’t offer anything like that sort of aftercare and their product has been the same since this girl first heard of them – which sometimes things don’t need to change, but sometimes new ideas are fun too. Estims have grown a lot over the years in this girl’s opinion and she knows people who have the 2B box (which does a similar job to the ET312) and people seem to like it. The 2B can be computer controlled as well. For that reason this girl would quite like to get one, but well, in the grand scheme of things its a non essential investment at the moment!

If you have had experience of this site or their products and want to leave a comment (good or bad – provided it can be supported) please do so .

Hope you have enjoyed this review 🙂

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The bondage alphabet continues! To recap – the previous letters of the bondage alphabet are here – A, B, C, D, E, F, G ,H and I. Of course, this girl and Grimly *could* have chosen to do Japanese rope bondage for J, but if you’re a regular reader … Continue reading

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The bondage alphabet continues! To recap – the previous letters of the bondage alphabet are here – A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H I is for insane inflation and inserted electrodes! This girl had tried an inflatable hood before whenSTEFFY was over but had not tried … Continue reading

Having one’s cake and eating it


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It was Grimly’s birthday this week and this girl was most definitely not organised. Obviously a dutiful and well prepared submissive would lovingly make him a cake from scratch but this girl got one for a quid out of the … Continue reading


Sometimes it is great for this girl to have a really intense session just to remind herself how amazing all this stuff can be and almost as a sort of therapy to escape all the other headaches in life.

It can feel a bit like being a broken robot being opened up and fixed. This girl said in her previous post that she wasn’t particularly looking for a dom to fix her, but maybe, sometimes he actually does. Or gives her a fix. Depends on how you view the whole thing.

This girl is a pretty average person when it comes to it. With normal responsibilities, a job and financial commitments.  She sometimes wonders (for maybe a few seconds – and no more than that!) what it would be like to be in a sort of permanently captivated state and living like one of those women she sometimes reads about who have nothing to do but make sure their masters have everything they might ever desire. But that’s not really her thing. It’s sometimes interesting to dream about, of living in a fantasy world all the time but it’s not really practical. It would be like living in Narnia. Whilst that might be one of the ultimate adventures sooner or later those talking animals might get a bit irritating! Besides, anything that is fun and a hobby can cease to be fun if it becomes just a bit too commonplace and everyday.

This girl likes her BDSM being an adventure, but one that she can escape away from as well as escape to.

There is a downside to that of course. Sometimes its hard to adjust from normality to kink. Especially when she sees Grimly she has more to catch up on than just the kink, as in , she wants to spend time with him as a partner as well. Sometimes its hard going from ‘couple mode’ to sort of D/s mode. Of course there are things where a lot of elements of both cross over, and this girl is always his no matter what, but sometimes it’s hard going from cuddling on the sofa to intense bdsm. That sort of transitional bit.

That’s why anything that involves sensory deprivation is a plus. Anything that helps this girl’s mind relax into being somewhere else and just relaxing.

Last week Grimly wrapped this girl up in latex and strapped her down to the medical bed. Being unable to move and being unable to do anything until he decides what is going to happen helps that transportation to some other zone. It’s pointless trying to do anything other than relax, she can’t move. Being helpless at his mercy, vulnerable and exposed makes this girl feel almost as though she is someone else. Something else. Some toy to be played with and modified. He then started adding wires, this time it was to her nipples and to her vagina. He slowly built up the power and listened to her occasional murmur. Gradually he added the blindfold to the mask and the gag and increased the electricity till her body was pulsing all over and added the stimulation of the eroscillator.  Sneakily he added poppers through a breathing mask and tormented her time and time again to several orgasms. Some of them forced when she wasn’t ready for them, and some of them as relief for when she was desperate for them. It was hard to tell the difference!  All the while he was whispering things in her head. Private things, but things that program the head of his brainwashed girl just that little bit more.

When this girl is in that state, strapped down, electrocuted, and blissed out from way way too many orgasms her mind will listen to anything because the body has pretty much given in to letting anything he wants to happen to it. Her mind will listen to anything at all that he says.

Suitably Shocked

On Saturday, this girl suprised Grimly by turning up unannounced. It hadn’t been planned in for her  to go up to his until June, because of other commitments and other events, but she had spent the week missing him, and so, just went there.

It was of course nothing to do with the fact that the weather was quite nice on Saturday and she wanted to drive her car up through the Scottish Highlands (the drive back however this afternoon was wet and horrible!)

He’d thought she was on a night out with her work. This girl NEVER goes on department nights out. They are dull, people get drunk and make idiots of themselves, and, after  working a 60 hour week she was determined to spend what little she had left of the weekend doing her thing. So what if her thing is bombing through Scotland whilst plotting how to suprise him?

She ended up sending him a photo message of her car parked locally. He came and found her. In a slight state of shock, and complete happiness. She then went back to his and found his place like a bomb had hit it. Grimly has recently started making things again, and is modifying an old dentist chair for some friends.

It might not sound particularly submissive or sexy or interesting to you, but it was nice just to sit and chat to him whilst he was working. Bedtime however, was more interesting.

This girl had made the mistake of putting some locking leather underwear as a no sex hint, since she had PMT. However, when that was combined with a hood and more bondage it just frustrated her. It was the horniest she had been in a while. Lying next to him in bondage, unable to do much, apart from whatever he wanted. Which was to make sure she was frustrated all night!

Despite her comment to DH, this girl actually made Grimly’s coffee on time today. Though it may be partly because he’s found the cattle prod. Which she had forgotten where she had hid. Six months ago! Though it WILL go missing again. If she has her way.

It wasn’t just that, she wanted the time she had with him to not be wasted procastinating for once.

It wasn’t.

This girl had an amazing session with him this morning.

Or rather, not with him. More so a sunday surgery with the doctor.

He dressed her up in corsets – a normal corset, plus the leg and arm ones, plus the neck one and a hood. So, every part of her was restricted apart from what he wanted to get at. He then strapped her down to the medical bed as well, so she couldnt move a muscle. Then, it was his turn to shock and tease her. Grimly told her that she could have as many orgasms as she wanted. When she wanted.  She didn’t have to ask, they would just happen. He did everything he could to make her want to have millions. He electrocuted her cunt, used suction on her clit, vibrators, his tongue. Everything. More or less, to get her totally sensitized. The thing is , she didn’t want to have as many orgasms as she wanted. Her body didn’t want that. It wanted control. It has been a while really since this girl has wanted to admit that, but then its so long since she had such an intense session. They’d tried to at a party last week, but in public its just not the same. There’s not the same intensity when there  are other people around. Besides, there werent ear plugs available at the party either, which the other people would have needed! In public you just can’t really let yourself go. So, playing at home is far better. It was something this girl really needed. So she asked him for an orgasm, she begged him to control her, and he did. Over and over and over. She wasn’t gagged, so she screamed and begged, since there wasn’t much else she could do to protest or to stop him, being bound so tight. Her body started aching with being forced to orgasm and unable to move the bondage pretty much reasserting the fact that what he wanted was going to happen and that was that, she was his toy and his lab rat since the doctor was back. The evil brainwashing bastard that she fears yet secretly longs for ….just a bit.

When he goes into that zone he’s a little more distanced, a little more sadistic, a little more cruel. Almost so that she forgets he’s her fiancee.

Until he carefully unties each part of the bondage, waits as she comes down to earth and wipes away the tears of pleasure .

Bondage overkill? Oh yes.

Bondage. Being tied up and restrained for pleasure. Or for pain. It can be really very simple, or very complicated. Or in Grimly’s case….overkill…

You probably don’t need to be told the reasons why its fun or stimulating to indulge in bondage. But just in case…here’s a bit of a list nicked from Wikipedia :-

  • The most frequently cited reason is a mental freedom from inhibitions and responsibility since they have, in a way, given up control of the sexual situation to follow. This is sometimes referred to as a “power exchange.”
  • Some like the tactile feeling of restraint, that is, the feeling of pressure or pulling.
  • Some enjoy the feeling of helplessness for its own sake. Some like to struggle aggressively against their bonds, particularly when being sexually or otherwise stimulated. There are some in this category who play bondage games that do not include a significant sexual component.
  • Wishing to please their partner, and the stimulation engendered by their partner’s pleasure in it
  • To intensify the experience of orgasm control or of orgasm denial.
  • Some derive pleasure from symbolic degradation (less common). This can include those who enjoy role playing prison or mental hospital situations.
  • A fetishistic interest in the mechanics of bondage, with particular interest in the equipment and restraints used. Some of these people are interested in the look, feel, and aroma of leather and rubber restraints.
  • Others are fascinated by the relationship between the geometry of the tie, the degrees of freedom remaining and the feelings elicited.
  • As an adjunct to other BDSM activities
  • Like hang gliding or mountaineering, some feel that bondage allows them to do something potentially dangerous in a safe way.
  • Extreme forms of bondage such as mummification some people enjoy because it is like being placed in a sensory deprivation tank and may allow the person being placed in extreme bondage to experience an out-of-body experience.
  • In the wide range of human sexual experience, there are certainly more reasons as well.

Well, for this girl, it is really a combination of all of that. Or most of it anyway.

In the pictures shown here, this girl is being subjected to electrics both vaginally and anally, whilst being encased in a leather catsuit and ballet boots, leather hood, hogtie, armbinder and gagged. Oh and strapped down too. Yes. Overkill!

This girl loves bondage. Not possibly for its own sake, because if he were to just tie her up and leave her although she might get incredibly spacy – her body would want more. Bondage is good because of the other possibilities it leads to which become more within this girl’s capabilities when she is in this sort of altered state.

This girl has a friend who used to always subspace very easily. He more or less only had to be tied to something and blindfolded and teased and flogged a little and he would be off. Whether its still that easy for him this girl doesn’t know – but it was then. This girl used to always be a little envious of that, as she used to always have difficulty getting into subspace due to a combination of being too interested in what was happening and not always being relaxed enough. Its not good to be nervous or tense during BDSM – it doesn’t really let you develop it to its full potential.

This girl is nearly always relaxed with Grimly, unless of course there is something else going on that is putting her off. But bondage aids that relaxation even more, and the reason for that is it puts in her head the idea of ‘this will happen, you can’t move…he’ll do what he wants and you may as well enjoy it’ – and so she does.

So, whenever he tries to do stuff to her when she’s *not* bound it feels really weird and bizarre, as though maybe, something is missing. Its sort of though this girl has got used to this – to all this strange bondage stuff and to be without it doesn’t seem quite right somehow. These days, this girl is probably quite like that friend of hers to a certain extent, if she’s tied down and relaxed enough and has some sort of hood on then she’ll probably drift off quite easily unless any sort of stimulation keeps her too on edge to do so.

The bondage feels good though, it feels secure and sort of safe despite the fact that it increases her vulnerability towards a certain madman!

Its maybe taken a while to resign herself to that, but, this girl is very happy to be his bondage doll. Sure, there are times when her body will want to convulse and react and twitch to all those evil things he does, so its just as well that he takes precautions isn’t it?

He’s even got tonnes of certificates in health and safety …though of course its unlikely that any of those tested his knowledge on how to restrain a submissive for conducting bizarre physical experiments eh? 😉

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