Bubble and squeak


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A Wicked Wednesday post – the theme this week is bubbles! A few weeks ago, Anne O’Malley and I had a weekend away in the Scottish highlands at a very posh hotel. Purposely chosen for it’s location, it’s four poster … Continue reading

Winter is coming!


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So, continuing on from the last post, here are some more wintery pictures that Grimly took of me on Sunday. You can probably guess from the title of this post that I’m a Game of Thrones fan! I’m so fed up … Continue reading

T is for . . .


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The bondage alphabet continues! To recap – the previous letters of the bondage alphabet are here – A, B, C, D, E, F, G ,H, I, J,K ,L, M ,N , O, P, Q , R and S T is for triple penetration, thigh cuffs, tension, TENS, tit electrics and of course torture 😉 In these pictures this girl is … Continue reading

Not always black and white


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The picture shows this girl wearing a white catsuit and hood made by her friend TLC designs and also a corset and matching neck corset made by fancywearusa. The corset and neckcorset are a particular ensemble that looks pretty good … Continue reading

Creating a monster?

The pictures in this post are from a recent session at Grimly’s. Just recently when she looked back at these images, this girl thought how much she looked like some weird sort of lab experiment or even Frankensein’s Monster awakened by electro-stimulus from the lightening on a dark thunderous night…

Though of course, it’s not really like that. Besides, this rig was partly this girl’s idea. Or at least to use the latex catsuit in conjunction with breath play and cables and stuff hanging off the suspension bar. But it did feel as though during that she was some sort of mad experiment, for the devilish Doctor to play with , and to test to make squeal and writhe and orgasm 😉

Sometimes this girl wonders how much of his creation she is and how much is from her own doing and from the depths of her own imagination.  Despite what some people might think, this girl is not brainwashed. Whilst, being ‘brainwashed’ is in part a fantasy to help cope with her reluctant submission it does not go beyond that. Or at least not in some sort of negative way that the religious zealots and the other people that ‘don’t get’ BDSM would imagine.

It’s true that Grimly has been able to get into this girl’s head, but not for any cruel or dangerous intent as you would see in those cults where they run round in the forests and then sacrifice each other  (though this girl does have a fantasy about using Stonehenge for a BDSM scene but thats another story) What he has done has just helped bring out a few things that were already there – opened doors that were already there – just waiting to be pushed gently – and what he has done has had a positive effect.

For a start, playing with Grimly has allowed this girl to enjoy orgasm control and the ability to orgasm on command. Who on this planet would complain about that? It’s amazing. Magic even, that with a word or a click of his fingers she can orgasm right there. Probably what makes that most magical is that it takes away that pressure that might otherwise be in a relationship i.e. the pressure that comes with wondering if you can please your partner the way they want/whether they will please you. That pressure is not there. This girl knows that he will always make her orgasm, it’s just a matter of how – though lets be quite clear here – he has absolutely no problem in that department with or without orgasm control!

Though the stuff Grimly has done in this girl’s head goes deeper than that.

He has given her more confidence and more pride in herself, and the ability for her to feel as though she can be open and honest about how she feels and also about what it is that she wants from this whole thing, well not just from BDSM but in general too. Since being with him this girl feels a happier and more confident person in all aspects of her life so how can that be even remotely bad?

Ok, so he’s also turned her into a bit of an addict for the hi-tech. For electricity, for breath play, for weird vaccum suction things, which has sort of made her fetish tastes a bit unusual and makes the prospect of playing with any other Dom unlikely since how many on this planet can do this sort of thing?? Sometimes this girl worries that it makes her look like some sort of elitist or snob, in that she likes all this stuff, but then all the more usual BDSM stuff that people do still has its place, and there are so many other things aside from this hi-tech madness that this girl enjoys. But you know, ultimately, in a lot of respects she is turning a bit like him. Her imagination and ideas are often similar, her fantasies are similar..but then is that because she is turning like him or because she was always into those things at the back of her mind and that he just put the possibilities there into real life? Maybe Grimly and this girl are just, well, compatible on every level.  It’s hard to know because this girl has always had very odd fantasies and dreams going back a very long time indeed.

Sometimes this girl wonders if she is some sort of freak to be into all of this, some sort of monster, or lunatic or depraved sexpot.

Maybe she is.

But then, she consents to this madness and bizarre little world and has fun with it so what is the problem that some people seem to have with it? Though, yeah, there are days when she has doubts and wonders if it is all a step too far towards those straightjackets and men in white coats. But then, this girl has seen a psychiastrist before and he didn’t seem concerned about her mental health so there is no reason for anyone else to be – least of all herself.

Ultimately – it’s fun, its erotic, it’s sexy…and its just part of who she is and she’ll continue enjoying it no matter what anyone else says! This girl is happy with the positive things Grimly has helped her develop, she’s happier with who she is as a person despite that being someone who is slightly odd and slightly the creation of a demented (yet loveable and caring) sadistic genius.