Can I twist your arm?

So the alphabet is over, what next?? Well, to start with here are some new items of latex to perhaps drool over. ;)

The hood and arm binder  pictured below are both items made by this girl’s friend TLC Designs and available to buy at Locked for Infinity.

This girl has thought about changing her hair back to red again for a while but is mostly happy as a brunette at the moment, so this is an easy way of having it look different without going to the hairdressers! ;) This girl has never had a pony tail hood before either so its nice to add one to the collection , who knows she might get one with blonde hair too since TLC can make these hoods in other colours with different trims and different hair. This girl wanted a red trim on hers though to specifically go with this skirt and with countless shoe combinations! This girl has quite a lot of red shoes! Though, these heel-less boots are fun and easier to walk in than they look!



TLC has also recently started making latex arm binders, at the moment there are some all ready to go in both black (as shown here ) but also in transparent smoky black.  Hmm this girl knows a certain london girl that has a catsuit that would look great with a transparent smoky latex arm binder to match it! ;)

This girl hasn’t used arm binders all that much recently but wearing this the other day  reminded her how great they feel and how controlling and restrictive they are. To find out more please take a look here.



Everything in the garden is rosy

A rare event occurred here in the UK last week – it was a bank holiday weekend AND sunny! This girl spent the weekend visiting her friend DK Bondage and got to try some of his gear and her own out in the sunshine :)

DK filmed this girl trying out and playing with various gear, and you can see the resulting video clips on his clip site. The clip that’s posted at the moment shows this girl in a corseted leather dress and arm binder first of all. The dress was a complete pain to get on being front laced at the top and back laced at the bottom! Thankfully the ‘getting dressed’ part was not filmed since it would not have been flattering! However, once on this girl really liked the dress especially when combined with an arm-binder. This girl hadn’t actually used an arm binder at all since taking the pictures for ‘A’ in the bondage alphabet (more than a year ago), but it reminded her how much she likes the restrictive feeling and overall look :)  It also reminded her she needs to try and get her hands on a latex one!


After the dress, this girl and DK played with the harness Grimly has designed for sale on  lockedforinfinity. The harness is based on the JG Leathers creature harness.

dk2This girl trotted round the garden a little but hadn’t had enough baggage allowance left to pack a head harness as well so had to ‘make do’ with a nice leather hood. Now of course it wasn’t really making do since the particularly hood used is absolutely gorgeous and made of the nicest leather! But , being so padded around the ears it made it quite hard to hear DK’s instructions and this girl became a bit of a clumsy pony walking around the garden in her heel-less boots! Hopefully though you may find it entertaining even if just for the fun of that! Especially those who over the years have wanted video! It’s the first play close to pony play this girl has managed for a while since there’s been a few issues with outdoor venues in the UK of late so it was fun to have a nice big garden to run around in. There are a few pony events happening in the UK in September, which this girl can provide details of to anyone interested, however she’s out of the country on a much needed holiday so can’t go!

Any profits from this little video will be reinvested in bondage gear have no fear. Not even the smallest income from bondage is getting spent on boring stuff!  ;)


In a bind

Here is a picture of this girl taken during Captive Kink‘s visit in September. The picture shows her wearing a darlexx hobble dress (made by Winter Fetish) which Captive Kink had brought with him and her own corset and armbinder and extremely high shoes!

This girl is definitely going to buy one of these dresses when she has a bit of money spare, though at the moment there is a very long shopping list of things she wants! The darlexx is a bit like zentai, it’s stretchy and flattering, but its rubberised as well and much thicker.

It seemed to have some sort of magical quality of holding all the wobbly bits in and making her curves go where they are supposed to. She pretty much had to be poured into it (like Olivia Newton John with those leggings in Grease) but it was worth the twisting and contorting for how it felt when it was all fastened up.

The darlexx and suits made by Winter Fetish are quite commonly seen on House of Gord, since it helps give a blank canvas to show off his mad inventions. This girl likes that because it gives enough of a clue as to what is going on without turning too pornographic. This girl doesn’t really like looking at pictures of naked women. She likes looking at pictures of sexy women in bondage, but sometimes clothing can help encourage the imagination and sometimes like shown in the picture above adds to the bondage anyway!

She couldn’t walk far in that dress that’s for sure!

State of frustration

Something to illustrate this girl’s state of mind at the moment :

This girl is in the dark about what might happen next, very sexually frustrated and unable to stop the imminent future yet relaxed about it. There’s absolutely no point worrying about what you can’t control especially when it’s what you want.

It’s not an issue….it really isn’’s actually quite a nice feeling.

Just sayin’. There’s not really an awful lot else to say at the moment, this girl’s concentration is really not on blogging…but just a thought she wanted to share, and illustrate .


So..some pictures based on the cartoon from the last post….with a few Grimly modifications! ;) The cartoon was pinched from Singleglove’s rubberpal profile, Trinity Pup’s Dom. The hood is not the same type and Grimly didn’t want her to kneel because he wanted to have the fun of making her stand straight. Why do things the easy way??

So here we have a catsuit, inflatable vibrating plug, chastity belt, an arm binder, a corset, hood, spreader bar and lots of chains, and really, it is hard standing still in all of that!

This girl was going to write more…but the pictures probably justify what happened enough without you needing an explanation…..


If you enjoyed these pictures check out the bondage gallery

Bondage overkill? Oh yes.

Bondage. Being tied up and restrained for pleasure. Or for pain. It can be really very simple, or very complicated. Or in Grimly’s case….overkill…

You probably don’t need to be told the reasons why its fun or stimulating to indulge in bondage. But just in case…here’s a bit of a list nicked from Wikipedia :-

  • The most frequently cited reason is a mental freedom from inhibitions and responsibility since they have, in a way, given up control of the sexual situation to follow. This is sometimes referred to as a “power exchange.”
  • Some like the tactile feeling of restraint, that is, the feeling of pressure or pulling.
  • Some enjoy the feeling of helplessness for its own sake. Some like to struggle aggressively against their bonds, particularly when being sexually or otherwise stimulated. There are some in this category who play bondage games that do not include a significant sexual component.
  • Wishing to please their partner, and the stimulation engendered by their partner’s pleasure in it
  • To intensify the experience of orgasm control or of orgasm denial.
  • Some derive pleasure from symbolic degradation (less common). This can include those who enjoy role playing prison or mental hospital situations.
  • A fetishistic interest in the mechanics of bondage, with particular interest in the equipment and restraints used. Some of these people are interested in the look, feel, and aroma of leather and rubber restraints.
  • Others are fascinated by the relationship between the geometry of the tie, the degrees of freedom remaining and the feelings elicited.
  • As an adjunct to other BDSM activities
  • Like hang gliding or mountaineering, some feel that bondage allows them to do something potentially dangerous in a safe way.
  • Extreme forms of bondage such as mummification some people enjoy because it is like being placed in a sensory deprivation tank and may allow the person being placed in extreme bondage to experience an out-of-body experience.
  • In the wide range of human sexual experience, there are certainly more reasons as well.

Well, for this girl, it is really a combination of all of that. Or most of it anyway.

In the pictures shown here, this girl is being subjected to electrics both vaginally and anally, whilst being encased in a leather catsuit and ballet boots, leather hood, hogtie, armbinder and gagged. Oh and strapped down too. Yes. Overkill!

This girl loves bondage. Not possibly for its own sake, because if he were to just tie her up and leave her although she might get incredibly spacy – her body would want more. Bondage is good because of the other possibilities it leads to which become more within this girl’s capabilities when she is in this sort of altered state.

This girl has a friend who used to always subspace very easily. He more or less only had to be tied to something and blindfolded and teased and flogged a little and he would be off. Whether its still that easy for him this girl doesn’t know – but it was then. This girl used to always be a little envious of that, as she used to always have difficulty getting into subspace due to a combination of being too interested in what was happening and not always being relaxed enough. Its not good to be nervous or tense during BDSM – it doesn’t really let you develop it to its full potential.

This girl is nearly always relaxed with Grimly, unless of course there is something else going on that is putting her off. But bondage aids that relaxation even more, and the reason for that is it puts in her head the idea of ‘this will happen, you can’t move…he’ll do what he wants and you may as well enjoy it’ – and so she does.

So, whenever he tries to do stuff to her when she’s *not* bound it feels really weird and bizarre, as though maybe, something is missing. Its sort of though this girl has got used to this – to all this strange bondage stuff and to be without it doesn’t seem quite right somehow. These days, this girl is probably quite like that friend of hers to a certain extent, if she’s tied down and relaxed enough and has some sort of hood on then she’ll probably drift off quite easily unless any sort of stimulation keeps her too on edge to do so.

The bondage feels good though, it feels secure and sort of safe despite the fact that it increases her vulnerability towards a certain madman!

Its maybe taken a while to resign herself to that, but, this girl is very happy to be his bondage doll. Sure, there are times when her body will want to convulse and react and twitch to all those evil things he does, so its just as well that he takes precautions isn’t it?

He’s even got tonnes of certificates in health and safety …though of course its unlikely that any of those tested his knowledge on how to restrain a submissive for conducting bizarre physical experiments eh? ;)

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Far from a one trick pony

No matter what part of life is involved whether its professional or personal, you will always get people who judge you for what they know or think you can do, and not for your potential. Not for your ideas, not for your imagination, not for your dreams – but for what it says on the tin as it were. For what they can see, and maybe thats partly down to you as to what you present outwardly.

BDSM is no different. Many people will judge you based on first impressions, based on how you present yourself. This girl tries quite often not to think too conscientously about that, but its far from easy to do really. We all want admiration from our peers, to be respected, for people to want to get to know us and whilst there are certain attractions to being shut off from the world, in reality, its not really what this girl’s BDSM is about. Part of it is about the showing off, the presentation, the exhibitionism, and this is all quite weird for someone who in other aspects of life is actually quite shy!

It is really one of the side effects of living this sort of kinky existence, of feeling in possession of an ability to shock and impress other people with your endeavours when in your day to day life you are just an average person who holds down a job and a household. This girl has probably said it before but sometimes it feels almost as though her kinky side is almost like a secret identity a bit like Clark Kent and Superman…mildmannered, quiet, and un-noticeable by day and well…something else more interesting at night. Though funnily enough , there don’t ever seem to be any superhero films where the hero gets cruelly and sexually tortured do there? Or not as the main part of the plot anyway!

When this girl knows she is facing a likeminded audience, she tries to portray her bdsm life like it is. She doesn’t pretend to be something that she isn’t. She doesn’t pretend to be the perfect submissive when she knows she is not, or the perfect masochist for that matter. She hopes she comes across as intelligent and articulate but beyond that what people make of this is really very subjective. Some people will be maybe turned on by what this girl writes about. Some might be repulsed. BDSM and D/s is such a subjective experience that this girl would not want to attempt to alter that nor would she want to come across as saying ‘look this how you do it alright’ because she’s not saying that. There are probably a lot of people who wouldn’t enjoy this sort of existence, just as much as there are other submissives that this girl does not really envy and yet still enjoys learning about. The whole concept of ‘your kink is ok but not for me’ and the notion of openmindedness is so very important.

There are maybe times that when people glance at a post of this girl’s and make an opinion based on that one post. That happens with blogs. Sometimes you need to read a bit further though to get a full feel of the person.

A lot of people who first cast their eye over this girl might think she’s some sort of extreme gorean. She isn’t. Gorean that is. Extreme maybe, possibly, in some people’s opinions but then not in everyones. Yeah this girl writes like *this* but that doesn’t make her follow Gor its just the writing style she uses for her blog. She doesn’t believe in the theories of Gor in any way shape of form. They are stories and thats it, and, like anything else can be used as ingredients to form your own sort of BDSM and D/s personalised recipe…and can be used as inspriation…but yet…not here. This girl’s inspirations are drawn from a wide variety of places and people – history, film, reading other people’s experiences all sorts of things sort of assembled to suit her and Grimly.

This girl has recently found another place to express herself –Kinky Sex Link
– a sort of amalgamation of bloggers and links to do with kinky sex and BDSM. It looks like it may well be a lot of fun, though very much so in the early days at the moment – but hopefully it will be another source to gain inspriation and share ideas. This post will be cross-posted there, and its probably because this is a sort of attempt at making a first imperssion that this girl thought she’d write today a little about blogging and illustrate it with some kit that is sort of typical of what it is that she *does*.

Everything this girl does is really centered on the fact that she is owned by a man who has the ability to make her fantasies jump to life, but for a little creative construction time in his shed. This girl is, essentially, a guinea pig for home made bdsm and torture creations and loving every minute of that. Her Master’s ability to make toys not only saves money, but also means that everything fits just right, works just right, and is very personal and very effective. Yep, its definately a perk of belonging to him!

One of the creations that has recently got this girl and her Master a lot of attention is the electrified wooden pony, and is one of the top things that people coming to her blog seem to be looking for. Yes, gentital torture is definately one very fun and interesting aspect of kink and BDSM, the ability to sensually inflict pain upon an area designed for pleasure and procreation is incredibly erotic and yet also extremely tormenting and has been for centuries. This girl loves the concept of erotic torture, and medieval ideas being pervertified into modern day thrills minus decapitation and maiming of course!

The idea of the pony is that its a piece of wood that hangs suspended between the legs of the victim, it can be hightened and thus give the victim the dilemma of pressure being on her sensitive parts or on her tiptoes. Its sort of a way of illustrating the whole fun of torture and torment – its going to hurt and turn you on if you do x but also if you do y,and if you do z then you are really fucked! ;)

The pony Grimly made for this girl has the added feature of being electric and the metal tape across it is life when the whole thing is hooked up to the ET312 electrical box, and, based on stroke and strength, this whole experience can go from a moderate tingle to ‘oh my fucking god’.

Now, on this particular occasion, this girl was daft enough, yes , incredibly daft, to suggest that he combine the pony with the tower of pain. The tower of pain is NOT a device she enjoys at all. It is based on the idea of nipple clamps combined with a bit of bondage that enables the clamp chain to pull out and stretch instead of dangle down. It hurts. A lot. Maybe not too much more than clamps used just on their own, but maybe the psychological torment of the bondage and of the predicament adds a little something to this as well.

Yes. Oww.

This girl loves torture and bondage, and sensory deprivation and all manner of kinky activities. She is not just about doing one thing repetitively time and time again. She loves experimenting, learning new ideas and meeting new people and is currently at a totally different place with all of this than she was one year ago.

BDSM is not as much fun being stuck at one place as it is when it is progressive, and experimental.

BDSM is this girl’s drug and adrenaline, its what she does for fun, for thrills and for fantasy in a way that for her comes alive in a very real and exciting way.

Yeah…sure its an addiction, an addiction centred on practices of experimenting on what on earth her body can go through next and maybe, with some Doms, that would be a dangerous way to do this, but with someone that knows what they are doing and has the ability and creativity to keep her interested? Nah…it keeps on being different and fun and exciting :)

And here …some wooden pony pictures to leave you with…