Boob tube


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Grimly recently put our old TV set up in the playroom with a view to using it as a sort of computer monitor-come-media player. Now, I don’t usually have to be forced to watch tv or play on the computer … Continue reading

The hangover


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This is the first time i’ve really had to chance to write since new year, so I thought I’d share details of what happened on our new year’s eve!  We had our friends, John and J of boundinlatex and Anne … Continue reading

A review of 2016 : Part 2 of 2


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First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! ….to anyone sober enough to read it…here is the continuation of my review of 2016… JULY In July I went to Comicon as Silk Spectre 2 with my friends Black Cat and the Wasp … Continue reading

A review of 2016 : Part 1 of 2


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Let’s be honest, I’ve been rather shit at keeping my blog up to date this year! Therefore,  I’m writing my annual review as a  kind of catch up and summary of what’s gone on. Some of these things I’ve written about, others … Continue reading

Full tilt


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Earlier this year, Grimly had bought this medical table from Ebay and modified it for our needs. A video of one of the first times we used it with Anne O’Malley is now up on Serious Images, if you want … Continue reading

One more step…


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First of all – Merry Christmas! Hope you and yours have a lovely day! I’m writing this post whilst Grimly is preparing the Christmas dinner….yumm can’t wait lol  A few weeks ago, I’d come across the drawing below by Alex. With the … Continue reading

Sack time


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I can’t actually believe this photo was from around a year ago! I’ve just come across it again though as video of this scene has gone up on The video is of me being put in the studio gum … Continue reading

The day we went to blackpool


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Last weekend, Grimly, my subby Anne O’Malley, our friends from and myself went to Blackpool for a fetish party and munch. Blackpool is somewhere I’ve only been a handful of times and I think nearly all of those times it’s … Continue reading

Love our lurkers 11!


Today is the wonderful love our lurkers day which was initiated by Bonnie, and this year it is hosted by Hermione. I’ve participated in this most times its ran and its one of the blogs I look forward to writing and reading the comments on the most. My own blog here has been going more than ten years now and there’s only a few times I’ve missed this! 

Readers help keep blogs going. When I first started writing I didn’t expect anyone to read other than Grimly, but knowing other people were out there encouraged me to pour our my heart and details about my take on BDSM. I like my blog to reflect what BDSM in a loving relationship is really like for someone who is in every other sense the girl next door, and who has just been incredibly lucky in the people she’s made friends with! I’m not a model or a professional of any kind in a kink sense, just someone with a creatively eccentric husband and a crazy bunch of friends!

I suppose part of the reason why I like to keep the blog going though is that I like to show off and share my adventures, though strangely, in real life I am painfully shy! I haven’t updated so much lately, just due to well, stuffs, but I will try harder to keep on top of this if you tell me you’re still out there!

In the last few years my blog has gotten gradually less and less anonymous with people who perhaps have first met me on here becoming friends in real life and those people are friends I hope to keep for a very long time not just because of kink but because they are special to me and very loved. That’s continued again this year and I’ve made some lovely new friends and got together with old ones. Though, my highlight this year has had to be meeting Anna Rose after a crazy time at Boundcon!

So this is your opportunity to leave Grimly & I a comment, whether or not you have before! You can say a bit about yourself, or leave ideas of what you might like to read here or see pictures about, give feedback, leave links to your own blog or just a general hello. Anonymous comments are okay too. I should really start commenting more on other people’s blogs again so if you have a blog and want to direct me to it please leave a comment with a link or tell me about you🙂

The comments we’ve had on LOL days before have all been fantastic and very much appreciated by Grimly  & I. Comments don’t ever have to be in agreement with any given subject, as long as they are constructive and polite (and not spam!)

Please take this opportunity to stop by and say hello! Though to add to that, comments are always welcome on any post!

A full list of the blogs participating on LOL day is on Hermione’s blog and updated throughout the day – please have a peak there may be a new favourite

Please also join in yourself if you have a blog, LOL is running for 2 days today – today and tomorrow to allow for people in different countries to get into this🙂

So over to you…..please leave a comment! Or, if you are new here and have followed a link today take a look around!