About me

Hi and thanks for stumbling across my blog, I hope you’ve found it interesting! I hope it reflects what i am, someone who enjoys what they do and is doing it in a completely healthy and adventurous way!

This girl is just one of a tonne of people into BDSM – or bondage, dominance, submission and masochism. I’ve been into BDSM about five years now and explored quite a lot within that time!.

My main interests in BDSM are electrics, suspension, ponyplay, latex,breath play, medical play and bondage. Although I am pretty openminded and open to trying new things. I’m 36 and based in the UK.

I am lucky really in that I have a great man who I love and we have now been together for around 11 years. We met after I read a post of his on IC which I found intriguing, we got chatting and then met up at a munch. For a while we had a play thing going on which began after my first visit and then developed into a full blown D/s and loving relationship and this blog should record how that has developed and matured over time. I became his slave and he collared me in June 2007. We were married in September 2011.

I am proud of who I am. I’m not sure that is a submissive person, in fact I’m pretty sure it isn’t. There’s been times when I thought that was me/might be me, but I feel more comfortable realising the fact that really, I don’t like doing what I’m told that much and am far too headstrong lol, but I do love what I do with Grimly and with select friends. I like being on both the receiving and giving end of bdsm and bondage.

Grimly is very imaginative and creative and wicked but with a good sense of humour at the same time! He makes a lot of his own equipment and thats mostly what you see here. We now also make gear for sale here. His most intriguing project to date has been a dentist chair with built in electrics, restraints, and breath control. A look at the gallery page should give a good insight of the insanity that goes on here!

I’m wanting to use this facility to keep track of thoughts and experiences and events and hope you enjoy what I’ve written – please feel free to leave comments or get in touch to discuss anything i’ve commented on.

You’ll notice some of my earlier posts are written third person, I dont speak like that day to day of course, but for writing a blog it helped me reflect on the experience and be sort of on the outside looking in and the inside looking out. I abandoned writing this way a little while ago as it got to a point where I didn’t feel it was how I wanted to record things anymore as I’m doing more as a top and Domme than as a sub.

Well all this makes sense to me! I am not completely insane…well…not yet! 😉 Some of the things we do might look a bit insane and a bit bizarre but we have researched these activities and conduct them with as much care and attention to safety as to detail.  I love what I do and would not stop doing it for the world! I have a lot of fun having these adventures with my husband and some very excellent friends.

If you’ve liked what I’ve written in my blog, or have questions or want to share ideas please feel free to get in touch using the form below. If you want to link to me thats fine, banner below if you want to use!

Best wishes

This Girl