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Who is this girl’s master? For many months I have been spoken about but until now “this girl” has not revealed my identity. Many people know me on the UK scene as Grimly Feendish though most people just call me Grimly. I am a complex character, eccentric, devious, intelligent, mad, bad and dangerous to know! I am a serious, adventurous, very experienced real life player who is always looking to try new things and learn as much as I can. I seem to have been around the scene forever but that’s only because when I started computers were mainframe and the internet an idea the military were playing with. I’m not that old however I just started young. Be warned! I don’t suffer fools, I can be very opinionated, I can be egotistical, I can be a bit of a show off, I like to get my own way and I have a very odd and quirky sense of humour which sometimes makes me appear stand offish and a bit scary. In reality though I am approachable and my slave and I are happy to meet and get to know like minded people both real life and online. I am lucky to have this girl who keeps me on my toes (but not effectively as I keep her on hers) and who is as adventurous and as keen to try new things as I am.

I get a lot of enjoyment from building my own equipment and as an engineer I have the expertise and skills to turn ideas into solid, practical, working and very functional kit which enable our fantasies to be fulfilled safely. To date the playroom, which my slave has mentioned in her blogs, has over 1000 different bits of kit and I am adding to the inventory all the time. It is my intention to start describing how to build equipment and toys which I hope fellow travellers on this bdsm journey will find useful and entertaining, so watch out for that in the near future.

It would be fair to say that I am a sensation junkie and I am, along with my slave, constantly looking for ways to enhance our fantasies. Some of the things I specialise in are, medical role-play, behavioural modification aka “brainwashing” and erotic electro stimulation combined with heavy bondage, pony play, rubber and suspension. As Dr Grimly Feendish (doctorate stolen when no one was looking) I have turned my devious mind to the study and practice of erotic torture and to this end has set up the torture clinic. My nurse is a very skilled collaborator who is only too happy to assist in this quest by either acting as an enthusiastic assistant or as my slave being a guinea pig for my depraved experiments. These are just a sample of the different types of play that we enjoy although by no means are they the only ones and in any case we are continually open to and looking for new ideas! Lastly it is important to understand that I while I take what I do seriously, I don’t take myself all that seriously, after all this is all about having fun and sharing a fantasy with someone I love. So now you know.


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4 thoughts on “About Grimly

  1. Thank you Nicola, its been a couple of years since our paths last crossed hope they will again sometime. Best wishes to you.

  2. Wow you guys i have just been looking and admiring your RP profiles and the creativity is just increddible. I just wanted to congratulate you B/both on how imaginative and sensational the blogs and pictures are. Good luck with everything and i hope to see new and exciting blogs soon.

    xXx MRP xXx

    if you want to know more about myself and my Master you can find U/us on RP too MastersRubberPrincess and rbrmick xXx

    P.S. Hi Ms. Demmie must come and visit you again soon time fro more rubbery photo shoots!!

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