Bubble and squeak

A Wicked Wednesday post – the theme this week is bubbles!

A few weeks ago, Anne O’Malley and I had a weekend away in the Scottish highlands at a very posh hotel. Purposely chosen for it’s location, it’s four poster bed (more on that later) and its roll top bath.

I decided it would be fun to get her to wear her blue and flesh coloured catsuit and matching hood in the bath. Unfortunately, the amount of latex shiner I’d used on the catsuit when dressing her up killed the bubbles but I managed to get a few photos before 1) the bubbles vanished and 2) I got distracted!


I’d like to add here that perhaps using a breath-play hood in a hot bath is not sensible to do alone, since it could be possible to slip, or overheat or faint. It’s only slightly safer with a semi-responsible yet horny dominatrix πŸ˜‰

I’ve been in water wearing latex before, and the water has the affect of making the latex a definite second skin as the latex quickly becomes the same temperature as the water. In a hot bath this is pleasant, but slightly more heady when breath play and waterproof vibrators are then added I understand! Regardless of this, I was enjoying the lovely view of …the mountains.


The way this hood works is like a rebreather bag, it has a nose hole, but this is very small and whilst air can get in, it’s hard to breathe, even without being excited and hot.

I love how latex feels in water, the smooth shininess of it, the way it squeaks when touched. She squeaked too. A fair amount πŸ˜‰

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