Money isn’t everything…

I don’t really use Tumblr. Should I do you think? Although, occasionally, I find myself on it when a referral tracks back to it, or someone tells me a picture of mine has ended up there. I was very surprised to see on this occasion that person  found and credited my picture and actually wrote a detailed explanation about it and commentary. One of the things they said though was “This is the kind of eccentric shit I’d be doing if I had been financially successful.” That got me thinking a little bit…

Firstly, that I hope Morticia & Gomez find this post and note my thanks for their kind comments and crediting my picture. Thank you 🙂

However, secondly, if I’m honest I don’t view myself as ‘financially successful’ so I’d like to sort of say this in a way that says ‘it’s not really about the money’ and that shouldn’t be a hurdle since there are other ways to achieve your dreams. I get that for single guys it is always going to be harder however money isn’t that big an obstacle. There’s also people who are out there that have sackloads of money and no imagination and would do stupid things with big bucks like donate it to the Scottish Nationalist Party. Muppets! I could spend it soooo much more interestingly!

I don’t see myself as rich. I don’t really want to share my finances with the world but let’s just say I have *enough* to pay the bills and what I earn is possibly close to the UK average. Whilst, I have made some money from kink over the years, I’ve never pursued it as a ‘career’ its only ever been a small amount of occasional pocket money. I reckon, as a ratio what I’ve spent on kink to what I’ve learnt from kink, well then, probably what I’ve earned is about 5% of what I’ve spent, or something really small like that. The point is, what I post, my pictures etc. is mostly a hobby and I’m not getting bags of cash from it. It’s for FUN. lol So, please don’t look at my pics and think this is only achievable with shitloads of money as this simply isn’t true, since I don’t have that. I often have a tenner to last till payday. Honestly.

What I do have is an imagination and also a few other useful tips.

  1. If you can’t buy it – make it. Part of the reason Grimly and I have so much, and the same goes for people like JG Leathers and Jeff Gord (RIP) is that they can make stuff out of ‘God knows what’. I don’t want to spoil the magic by saying what some of the items we’ve got started life as other than to give the example that you can make a very serviceable fuck machine out of a car windscreen wiper motor. With of course, the right skills. There’s an increasing number of workshops for making kink stuff – leather craft , latex craft, all number of things and quite a few good online resources. I’m not preaching – I’m not good with my hands personally, but if you are, then its an option! This is how most of these ‘ultra-bondage’ techy kink people got going by learning from others.
  2. If 1) doesn’t work -make some crafty friends who enjoy helping you out in return for sharing the fun 🙂
  3. If you can’t buy it for a lot of money – look on Ebay. Seriously. I have an Ebay problem. I am going to Canada in 2 months and I CANNOT buy any more crap on Ebay till after then. I have got some bargains though. Dentist chairs, Restraint beds, all manner of stuff. Have an idea of something you want? Ask me, I’m happy to trawl on your behalf if its something interesting. I promise I will stop myself from bidding though. Gas masks particularly can be picked up very cheap on Ebay.
  4. Look out for sales – a lot of sites have frequent sales i.e. latex suppliers such as Libidex, Westward Bound.
  5. Save – I have tried saving for stuff, it works sometimes. I’m not a great saver, but it does. Cut out other expensive habits that don’t give as much pleasure – such as heavy drinking, smoking etc.
  6. Be prepared to share – your friendship, your ideas, your resources , your spare bedroom…obviously with people you feel you can trust, but most of my best experiences have come about because people have either shared these things with me or I have with them – or both.

I think that’s it. But really what I’m trying to say is please don’t be limited by the size of your wallet. I know it IS limiting and it has been for me, there’s things that I can’t have ‘right now’ but there are other ways of getting round it with a very average budget. I’m sure a lot of kinksters will say the same, even those with pay sites and such. I know that in recent times with more and more pay sites getting ripped off a lot of site owners are possibly only making enough to invest in new gear for more shoots/pay models, with little profit. A lot do well from it I think, but I don’t think there are that many fetish millionaires! Although, you never know, if those lottery numbers come up, watch this space as I’ll be off castle shopping 😉

The point I’m trying to make is, I’m just a ‘normal’ person. I’m not rich. If I can do what I’ve done then possibly you can too. With some effort, yes, but not necessarily money.



One thought on “Money isn’t everything…

  1. Absolutely agree. If you are patient, take your time, you can create a great collection very reasonably. Of all our various hobby spends (including the garden), I am sure the rubber offers the best value for money. Look after it and it will last years, it is even repairable. The most expensive item ever bought was the real McCoy of a Stockroom leather straightjacket. And this was half price in a Tickleberry sale.

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