30 days of dominance : Day 20

Day 20


Has your Dominance increased or decreased over time? Have you ever had to renegotiate with your submissive due to a change in feelings or circumstance? Have your interests as a Dominant expanded or contracted over time?

I don’t know how you measure it. I’m trying to imagine a marker up the wall and failing to do so as I’m not sure it works quite like that!

I’ve always been me. I’ve always been a sadomasochistic and I would say always a switch. I have early memories of games where I was tied up, where I was doing the tying up and really throughout my adulthood its been the same. A lot of people who read my blog may still see more as what they’d label as a sub, but thats really only because most of the time I’ve had this blog I’ve only shown that side, when it’s not really the full picture.

I don’t think I’m more or less dominant than I ever was.

I think I’m more confident than I was in general. Also, more proficient. I think that goes for everyone, it’s always possible to learn more and get better at something. To be honest, this may sound cliché, but I feel I’m less of a girl and more of a woman and a lot of those feelings are of course to do with my better half, Grimly.

day 20

I think generally I have more skills to impress people. More confidence in my abilities, more ideas. Crazier ideas. I definitely don’t have an issue with taking on multiple subs in one scene on occasion;)

I want to keep learning more, trying more, both on the giving end , on the receiving end too. All of it. Tell me what else is out there! 😉

I go through phases where I’ll feel I want to be tying people up more, or being tied up more. As a result sometimes I don’t feel dominant, sometimes I don’t feel submissive. I find it easier to be domme than sub though, it’s easier to be in the mood to be a bad ass 😉

I don’t think I really have had to re-negotiate things as such with anyone. I think if adaption is required for some reason then I adapt. Like if a play partner had a health issue, we’d just work around it. No big deal there.


One thought on “30 days of dominance : Day 20

  1. This I found interesting after following you for all these years how it seemed you were primarily submissive with Grimly, yet when you met Anne, you seemed to enjoy the dominant side much more. Since Grimly is all Dom, You are switch, and Anne is Sub, do you find your preference being who is asking? If Grimly wants to have you be in a session, but you were recently Domme with Anne, is it hard to change sides at all for you?

    I don’t remember any session where Grimly was Dom to both you and Anne. Have you tried setting up Anne, and then Grimly sets you up to interact or be in a predicament where if Anne or you move it torments the other?

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