30 days of dominance : Day 7

Day 7


Do you inflict discipline or punishment as part of your Dominance? Why or why not? How do you feel about discipline and punishment as tools used to invoke and maintain submission from your partner/s?

Yes. Sometimes.

However, the problem is I’m a sadist and most people I play with are masochists, and generally  quite heavy ones at that. So, is it really a punishment for them if they like it?

Some people might view some of the scenes I do as ‘punishments’ but I assure you they’re not, at least, not to me. They might be challenging scenes, painful, tormenting, but  not necessarily designed as ‘punishments’.

For instance here, Anne O’Malley is in bondage, gagged, wearing an anal hook and being tormented with a vibrator. This photo is to the day 3 years old, and I remember it well enough to know how much she was writhing around and how over excited she was getting, but Im pretty sure she didn’t feel as though she was being punished! However, I know that there are others who might view being gagged and tormented this way a punishment perhaps!

day 7

In a similar, equally frustrating arrangement, I gagged here and put her on an electric wooden pony. This means her slit is being electrocuted whilst the vibrator is tormenting her clit and whilst an inflatable plug fills her ass. Not to mention that if she moves, the nose hook pulls on her nostrils. Again, I’m sure some people would find putting up with all this a real chore! I might have caned her whilst she was like this too can’t remember lol

I looked back through my photographs over the years and couldn’t find any that define what I would class as a punishment scene. I found a lot of relatively brutal pictures and picture of *in my opinion* quite elaborate torture, but not really punishment per se 😉 Like I said yesterday its a fun sexual thing, why pretend it’s because someone has been bad. Unless of course that they have.

That’s not to say I don’t do punishment sessions at all, just they tend to be so simple I don’t take pictures. Cold canings for instance things like that. I don’t get to do punishment sessions often because on the whole most people I play with are around for mutual kink enjoyment and it’s not about that. Also, I have a *relatively* well-behaved slave who doesn’t need to be punished that often. Though it does happen.

Having said this, I’ve recently started a diet club with a male friend who has agreed I can punish him if he doesn’t meet his weight loss target. I have found that fun. Mainly because, he is not a masochist and I find it entertaining to see his reaction to the pain. I said SADIST. lol. I think secretly even with it being  a punishment , on some level he enjoys it. Because of how much weight he’d put on, we recently carried out his punishment at a play club. I’m sure it looked brutal and excessive. Oh well, he has his weigh in tomorrow so we’ll see how he does! I really hope he’s a fatty again 😉 lol

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