As happy as a pig in shit

I was wondering or not whether to share this picture with you. Mainly because a certain lady will be quite embarrassed by it and secondly because I’ve spent rather too long enjoying the photos and keeping them to myself hehe. Having said that, the idea of this scene originally was to give a sense of humiliation, so in the end I’ve decided to tell you the story..

When I was at Anna Rose‘s last year we did a scene where we were both wearing forced orgasm belts and butterfly straight jackets after first restraining our friend, Tia, in heavy metal restraints. Ever since, I’d been thinking about the forced orgasm belt idea and finally got round to asking Grimly to make one. Not for me, you understand, but for my subby, Anne O’Malley. I reckoned she’d love/hate the idea. I reckon I was right 😉


To test out the belt, I kept everything else pretty simple. Latex underwear, a ball gag, and a latex piggy mask on top. Ok and cuffs, and locks. Kind of a lot of locks (there are more than you can see in the picture). The idea of the belt is that its locked on, with the vibrator in exactly the right position and cannot be moved. I think you can tell from her face that this was proving to be effective!It was still effective many minutes and orgasms later, until the batteries ran out that is. Doh!

I think on the whole she liked it though. I found it hot anyway. I like this photo because it reminds me how humiliated she looked but at the same time how happy and blissful. Sort of shameful yet sexy 😉 Although, I have some more involved plans for her so watch this space 😉

3 thoughts on “As happy as a pig in shit

  1. Beautiful setup – well done to all involved! Those locks stand out nicely in the picture, too – it must have been extra frustrating for her, having her hands so close but not quite able to interfere? Is version 2 mains powered, for unlimited ordeals?

  2. I’m thinking that a little competitive time between you and Anne, with the one who orgasms first getting the shock treatment might be a nice evening for Grimly to arrange. I’ve been reading along, just not commenting as much. good to see you posting more. i you ever post images of you and Anna?

  3. js207 yes i reckon version 2 defo mains powered lol
    Tim, glad to hear from you! I will never be in a bottom/submissive role at same time as Anne O’Malley, not my wish. I have other plans for her 😉

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