Bounce back

Grimly’s experiments have been continuing. After some pretty thorough testing on Medical Slave and John of Bound in Latex, it was my turn!

I have to say it was pretty uncanny as it was a very deja vu like experience. Even just when Grimly was putting the harness on me on top of my latex catsuit I was reminded me of what it felt like at JG Leathers’ place and what was going through my head then! However it was also very different too, as it was at home and so something reassuring but very odd about that.

Strangely, I was rather nervous of it. I’m not sure why since there’s nothing completely new, just a LOT of things at once. We decided to try it this time with vaginal and anal electrodes, and also breast cups that have suction and electricity. I think, it’s the first time I’ve tried breast vacuum and electricity together since at JG’s and it was very intense!


I think the suspension adds to the whole experience. I’ve used these breast cups before with the chair, but whilst in this position they felt heavier against me, and more inescapable. I certainly couldn’t touch anything or turn anything off with my hands outstretched to chains at either side of the room and in bondage mitts!


I think it needs more modifications though still. The crotch piece of the harness didn’t sit quite right in this position and I’d like Grimly to modify it so the vaginal suction guard we have works. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with for that!

Having said that, it was incredibly effective as it was. I felt giddy and faith afterwards and ready to collapse in a heap. But, was a great deal of fun 😉

If you’d like to see more, follow me on my twitter account for a little video clip 😉 Also, we’ll try and film it for Serious Images soon too!


5 thoughts on “Bounce back

  1. I have always been fascinated by JG’s “Creature”. Is Grimly going to run a naming competition.
    She or he who comes up with the chosen name should get a prize: a free ride 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  2. A name for it just popped into my head:
    “Titanosore” – a huge and threatening beast of a device!!!

  3. lol I don’t know guys….we will need to think up a name but we haven’t yet thanks for the suggestions 🙂

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