Hang on just a second…

After our visitor, Medical_Slave, came over to see us, a few of our other friends decided they’d like to try Grimly’s latest rig as well! Grimly and I were quite happy to oblige. Whilst you may think we only do such things satisfy our need for depravity, it’s really more the case that we are carrying out these tests for science and posterity. I hope you understand this 😉

So, step up our friendly volunteers John and J from Bound in latex.

I think you’ll agree J looks really hot and a little bit crazy in this picture! She had a lot of fun strapping John into the harness and ensuring his ‘comfort’. Though, you might guess from her face that she had a LOT more fun twiddling the buttons that led to the electrodes on his body. I’ll let you guess where they were 😉

This further trial of the suspension rig reminded us we need a more versatile crotch piece for male use, although it worked it could have improvement. I’d also like to see it in use with the venus2000 😉 Wonder if I can find a volunteer for that …hmm think Grimly’s going to run a mile when I suggest *he* have a shot!

We were also reminded that we need to work out a way of hanging the bubbler bottles, shouldn’t be too difficult to do that. So, just need more cables, more tubes, more madness…..

ok, so let’s see what we can arrange 😉

second 1

3 thoughts on “Hang on just a second…

  1. Hi there love the rig up with John and j. If you are ever in need of a volunteer in the name of science give me a shout..

  2. I hadn’t heard of the venus2000 before – that sounds like a wonderful experience. I think I see a queue of volunteers forming already… Love the respirators, too – just eyes visible on the dominant, but most of the lucky victim’s face showing? That’s a lovely touch.

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