Testing times

I’m dedicating this post to my fan and pal, Malc. And also to my kinky pal JG Leathers. Enjoy!

You might remember a few posts back I’d said Grimly had been playing around with suspension springs. Part of the reason why he was doing this was because we had a friend coming to stay who is a MASSIVE fan of the Creature. We’d already had the harness and really all the parts, we just hadn’t really put it together like this…until now…so for her sake….because we’re nice people like that….we arranged it 😉

I have to say really that it is still very much in test-mode. Big fans of the creature will know that it is not just suspension, its suction, electricity, breath play, torment…madness, all rolled into one and even with all that I’m sure there is something I’m forgetting to mention! That is a lot to organise and test and work out the best and most effective methods. Luckily our victim here, Medical_Slave didn’t mind being a bit of a guinea pig! Hahah rather her than me! Or at least, for the first time…

testing times 1

We initially tested the rig without breast suction, but soon realised it was more ‘interesting’ with that in place! We also had a play around with gas masks, to see which one worked best, though we need to still work out a way of attaching a bubbler bottle somewhere, though I have a few ideas for that…We also have a LOT more gas masks to try it with…that might take a while!
testing times 1

Regardless, our friend here definitely enjoyed the experience. Her reaction to her enhanced boobs being, if I remember right, “holy moly!” or something along that vein! I think she really wants to visit JG and try his version next for comparison purposes of course.

testing times 1

Of course, the electrics had to be tested out too in the downstairs department and I believe these were also ‘enjoyed’ by the test subject. That is, if her bouncing up and down on the springs was anything to go by. That’s one very nice feature of using springs for suspension, any reaction can be quite visible when the victim thrashes around. It’s been a while since I was at the controls of the creature, so it was fun to be at the controls of this version. Though I do have some plans for tinkering with the Canadian version again too and I won’t be as gentle 😉

testing times 1

It was actually very special for me to recreate something that it still probably one of my top kink experiences in my attic and with a lady who has very similar fantasies and dreams. Having said that, I made me very curious to have a go myself….though, I reckon lots of intensive testing will be required both myself and others. Don’t worry, we’re filming some of the tests for your delight via Serious Images…so watch this space 😉

testing times 1

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