Dressed to kill

Last week I went to see my friends Trinity Pup and  Singleglove  in London, as part of my birthday celebrations. I’m kind of at an age where each birthday is closer to the next 0 as opposed to the previous one ! So,whilst I”m quite happy to not have too big a fuss and everyone reminding me how old I am it’s still fun to do something exciting and be spoilt lol

Grimly, meanwhile stayed home tinkering with a few projects – more to follow on that soon!

Unlike the lingering cold weather here in Scotland, London was hot! So hot I got sunburn! That is a first particularly as it’s snowed on my birthday before. Given the hot weather,  Pup and I enjoyed some nice walks in the countryside and afternoon tease 😉 We also had some AMAZING food. I feel so fat now though which is the problem since my birthday took over a week in the end as I also had to celebrate with Grimly and Anne O’Malley and that all involved indulgence. I’m starting the diet again. Tomorrow. Probably. I would really like to get back to my honeymoon weight before my next holiday!

Last Saturday, Singleglove and I headed out to Rubber Revolution. Pup wasn’t able to come as she wasn’t feeling too good, but I really hope I get to see her again soon as the outfit she’d planned to wear was gorgeous. You can see a sneak peak on her blog.

Singleglove looked great though. Although, a little alien like 😉 I had meant to wear my new corset, but I decided it to save it for another occasion when I can go somewhere with Grimly too.  The gas mask he is wearing is really rare, I have the grey version of it though.

When we arrived at the event, we asked one of the photographers, Fetish Eyes, to take some pictures. He suggested SG looked a little like a creature of the deep and that he attack me, so that happened, but I kind of ended up attacking back since you know, I wasn’t getting beaten up by a crazy dude in latex on my birthday!

I really like Rubber Revolution, it’s a cool event, great fellow rubberists,photographers, music food, a really cool party. We met friends old and new. Shame there isn’t something like this here, but Scotland just maybe isn’t ready for this.

Anyway, for now enjoy the pictures!



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