Full of the joys of spring

I’m pleased to say I think the winter blues are finally going away! The weather is warmer and Grimly is being a creative soul again 😉 Though….any crazy gear head will probably recognise what you see in these images as being a very similar idea to someone else’s…

Anyone who has been following my blog for a while will know that Grimly and I are close friends with JG Leathers and that we’ve been making harnesses similar to the creature harness JG originally designed many years ago, for sale. Grimly closed his retail website a few months ago, though he’s still able to make harnesses for sale if you want one badly…so just ask if you do!

Now that Grimly has decided he’s no longer wanting to make loads of gear for sale, he’s concentrating on his efforts on a few ideas that have been in the pipeline for a while. I’m actually not sure why, despite having first made a ‘creature harness’ for me almost ten years ago, he’d  never decided to use it in anger in a suspension rig before. At least…not like it’s original incantation.

Though, he started thinking about it recently when someone asked if we had a version of the creature here. Well….we do! Everything the creature does we could already do with the chair, but now with a few suspension springs, we can bring it all together fully.

We decided to carry out some testing on Anne O’Malley at the weekend. There’s nothing going on in these pictures apart from bondage and suspension, but you can perhaps begin to imagine what it will look like with the breathing tubes, suction and electrics all in place!


I also thought it was quite interesting to see what the ‘snail’s eye’ view looked like, and I think you’ll agree from ground level it looks pretty hot too! We still perhaps need more springs, more chain, more overkill…however…watch this space 😉


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