Hips don’t lie

Grimly and I went to a latex event last September at Townhouse (an event sort of near Liverpool for those who like a sense of geography) and whilst there we met with Obsidium Latex , a designer who specialises in outfits for curvy girls – making things such as corsets, latex lingerie, catsuits and the like. She had a fashion show at the event and Grimly and myself fell in love with the corsets so I just had to have one! We’re going to the same event again this weekend, so I wonder what I’ll lust after this time ….

The corset arrived whilst I was in Paris a few weeks ago so I only just had chance to try it recently. Therefore, these pictures are snapshots and not anything particularly involved and I’m lacking accessories! By accessories, I’m meaning a slave in bondage or something like that at my feet. Let’s be honest, this is not really a very sub look lol.

Having said that, I love the design of it. It’s not just a corset either, the neck corset is part of the same piece and, regular readers will know, Grimly likes a neck corset. I hate wearing them, but I concede they look hot!


I really like what she did with the shape of the corset too. I wasn’t sure when I saw it laid out, but I’d said to her I wanted in to fit the hips well as I have a problem with corsets of them rolling up sometimes due to my hip shape. So, this fits over them nicely. I was  pretty flattered actually when I got a comment on fetlife to say that my waist looked small. I don’t think it does. I will never think that it does, but I agree it looks small compared to my hips! Honestly, look, it’s a woman thing of not being satisfied with one’s body.


Anyway, here is also the back view so you can see that it is one piece. All I need now is some leggings to go with it as I think that would look better than this skirt, and, as I said. The right accessories. I’m sure I have them somewhere 😉


12 thoughts on “Hips don’t lie

  1. That’s a beautiful corset! I think it would go very well over a blue catsuit which you’ve shown befor. I love the look up the back to the neck corset – even you you dont like wearing it!! :))

  2. Ooh, the corset going up the spine to join with the neckpiece is really cool. Bet that’s a bit tricky to get into, but the effort is worth it. 🙂

  3. That is a very nice corset. Your corseted waist isn’t “small”, it’s “defined” which is what that FL user probably meant to say. And a defined waist is how good corset makes its wearer look hot!

    It’s actually too bad that the body is joined to the neck corset because that reduces the versatility of the piece, e.g. if you wanted to pair the body corset with a different collar or necklace, or something.

  4. Wow – a very beautiful outfit there! The waist does look impressive, does it feel tight on you?

    I hadn’t seen a combined corset like that before, but it seems to work very nicely.

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments.

    Alphaxanon, if I wanted a separate corset i’d have bought one, but then, I already have LOTS!Maybe 15? lol

    I got this because its unique, I’ve never seen a corset with a built in neck corset, yeah so I’d won’t wear it that much, but not many other people will have one so it will stand out. Will test this theory next time I go to an event in London 🙂

  6. I agree with everyone! You look glorious! It looks like it fits perfectly!

  7. This does look hot with the shaping and definition. But it’s not just the definition at your cinched waist… the contrast of skin and black latex really defines your face, neck, and shoulders too. The overall effect with tall neck corset, waist corset, and high heels makes you look very proper indeed. I wonder if that design with the neck corset connected to the waist corset provides any additional posture control to help keep you upright – the height of the collar alone probably prevents slouching and keeps your chin up, but having it anchored in back might also prevent leaning forward and help keep your head, neck, and back all vertically aligned. I like the one-piece design because it seems to present a tantalizing predicament of having to wear a neck corset you hate in order to wear a waist corset you like. There’s an element of submission in that. Part of what makes it unique is that people will appreciate that you have to be fully committed to the complete wearing experience, at both the neck and waist. Maybe that appreciation provides reason to wear it more often, rather than less, often. I think it looks stunning. Well done.

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