But don’t you step on my blue suede shoes

If I’m honest, most years I have the winter blues. I don’t know what it is about January but it seems a stressful time at work, I feel incredibly hard up for cash and just generally pretty depressed and feeling pretty non-kinky on the whole. Not to mention feeling huge and overweight from Christmas over-indulgence lol. I kind of worked out a coincidental cure this year – go to Paris and find amazing ice cream and international friends ;)

My Paris trip, aside from catching up with kinky friends, was for the most part non-kink, but I feel having a January holiday has helped my mood a lot…that…and being an evil bitch at the weekend…

Grimly will tell you that he mostly prefers latex to be black. Or red. Or black and red. But, I have to admit whilst my main reason for being into latex is to complement bondage, I do like other colours and patterns and, I really like blue. As a result, I decided it would be fun to dress Anne O’Malley up in her blue latex catsuit and matching hood and wear my blue dress at the same time. I hadn’t used this suspension rig on her before, or indeed for ages, for I’m not sure how long it is since Grimly used it with me either – in fact – the last time I might have also been wearing blue – shown here. I don’t recall using it since, but then, I could be wrong. Surely it can’t have stuck in a drawer since 2010?? Well hey, maybe it has.

Anyway, so, this rig is kind of like a set of stirrups on chains that you step into and then are suspended by as, well, shown 😉 The wrist, waist and ankle restraints help the balance and support the body.


To be fair, it’s probably not the most comfortable of positions. To also be fair its possibly quite challenging to be suspended and spinning around a bit whilst having ‘breathing issues’ exasperated by latex hoods with very small holes and an evil woman with weighted labia clamps that just seem to want to dangle and vibrators…but such was the lot of my victim…

Poor girl. Anyway, helps my winter blues so what the heck….and most importantly….the shoes were  unharmed 😉


3 thoughts on “But don’t you step on my blue suede shoes

  1. Very nice! I like blue – especially dark or royal blue. Not baby blue! You look good in that long dress. Thanks for the posting. :)))

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