Boob tube

Grimly recently put our old TV set up in the playroom with a view to using it as a sort of computer monitor-come-media player. Now, I don’t usually have to be forced to watch tv or play on the computer but it becomes interesting when I am…and when it’s me on view lol

In this scene we were using a new internal electrode I bought from E-Stim Systems during black friday. Usually for internal electro-play, Grimly and I just use medical grade electrodes as with the boxes we use (ET312 and E-Stim System boxes) they give good results. However, I thought it might be fun to try some different ones, so I bought one of their classic electrodes to try.


I chose the middle size. The contacts are at the top and bottom, so it made quite a difference to the electrodes we use which are usually more of a sideways feeling for vaginal play. I’m not fully decided yet on whether I prefer it or not. I liked it yes, but I like the one I’m used to as well. It’s just going to have to be tested more!

Anyway, in addition to that, we also tried out a new suction toy we’ve been lent by a friend. We possibly will end up with our own one soon as it’s quite effective and better at breast suction than the system we have at the moment. What makes it better is that it doesn’t just create a vacuum and pressure, but it pulsates too so its a more of an in-out, sucking feeling. It was really odd watching my boobs getting bigger whilst being shocked! 😉


I’m usually roughly a 38c, so I think you’ll see there’s a bit of a difference with the vacuum. Grimly certainly seemed to like the difference ! I’m just worried that if he gets too carried away I’ll need a lot of new clothes, but it’s perhaps a little way off that.

It was also weird watching the eroscillator being put in place on the screen, watching it getting put close enough to be good but not close enough to be perfect….yet…he’s so mean!


8 thoughts on “Boob tube

  1. I like the thought of that boob suction! Pulses designed for milking I guess! :))
    It’s good to see you as a sub again – very sexy and you look good under restriction.

  2. BTW testingbby is actually CarlGat. Darned system keeps logging me in as that. Sorry!

  3. Hi
    Echo the comments of testingbby about seeing you as a sub again
    It must be strange watching yourself on t v . Does it increase the experience greatly ? Do you watch everything or do you only look sometimes ? . Does Grimly record it and play it back to you ?
    If so what effect does that have on you ?
    One last question where did you get the breast cups from ?
    Love reading your blog you and Grimly do thing most people only dream of .
    Regards D

  4. The breast suction sounds very interesting. Can it be used on any other parts of the body? Respect to you for enjoying electric stimulation. For me I don’t enjoy it cause I’ve had loads in the klinik for nerve and muscle stimulation and more to come. If you want I would not mind if you stood in for me 😉

  5. Thanks for all the comments.

    Daryl, I watch it until I get distracted shall we say! lol We haven’t recorded it but we could, its on our ‘to do’ list. The breast cups were loaned by a friend but I believe they’re available on Ebay, I haven’t found a seller I can recommend yet though. Glad you enjoy my blog!

    Ashlyroach, yes it can….and particularly for those with male anatomy there are different shaped cups if you catch my drift lol

  6. Just watch electro across the tits, it’s usually avoided as it can upset the heart. Keep it below the waist or locally low-powered TENS on the spine.

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