The hangover

This is the first time i’ve really had to chance to write since new year, so I thought I’d share details of what happened on our new year’s eve! 

We had our friends, John and J of boundinlatex and Anne O’Malley over for the evening, and aside from Grimly (who was taking the photographs), we all dressed up in latex , on a sort of black and red theme.


The hood Anne O’Malley is wearing is one of my favourites to put on her,  it is very very thick latex and has only nose holes. I think it might be going on our trip to Paris with us 😉 Though a few things may lol

John, meanwhile is wearing a red hood I got from latex catfish, which is on a sort of ‘hannibal’ theme. I liked how it looked on him too!


We’d decided to surprise John by getting out the latex hanging cage we recently got. We’ve had him in the leather one before, but due to his height it was difficult to get it off the ground. This we managed..just about, and, it was also more comfortable for him than the leather one since it was more suited to a taller person. So, we left him to hang around a while whilst us 3 girls teased him and had fun of our own. I rather think he enjoyed hanging out with us 😉

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