A review of 2016 : Part 2 of 2

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! ….to anyone sober enough to read it…here is the continuation of my review of 2016…


In July I went to Comicon as Silk Spectre 2 with my friends Black Cat and the Wasp 😉 Getting away with wearing latex on a Saturday afternoon in the high street was great fun and got us a few curious looks! If anyone has any ideas for any other comic characters that would look good in rubber….let me know!

jul - 1 (1)

Also in July, our friends Kinky Tofu were kind enough to treat Petgirl Kako to a surprise trip to see us for her birthday, so we all had a big party for her with lots of friends! We also had a visit from JG Leathers (a vanilla visit) and helped him and his wife celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary! I CANNOT imagine being married to Grimly 40 years, you never know though, we might get there!

I also had my first go of filming a kink movie and made a film of bound in latex having some fun in latex101 micro-perforated hoods!

jul - 1 (1)


I seem to not have many pictures from August! I remember we went to Sexhibition and truly it was the worst  event I have ever been to! I’m not going to re-visit it by having  a rant, but I’m just gonna say this – I’m not going back! Though, I did do a catwalk show whilst I was there to show off the harnesses we’ve made…nerve wracking….and 5 minutes of my life that I’m glad are over! lol


Grimly and I did the Highland House event again, which is a kink weekender up in the north of Scotland. I hosted my first demo – on breathplay, which down quite well – again nerve wracking experience despite being among mostly people i knew! We also attended Rubber Rebellion at the Townhouse – which was great – and we hope to go back there again next year! I wore my Libidex dress for it, shown below.

jul - 1 (1)

We also had a visit from our friend Daever – and I had fun putting him in the straitjacket sleepsack whilst skyping Bound in Latex!

jul - 1 (1)


Grimly and I went to Rubber Revolution in London with Trinity Pup and Singleglove! I think it was most definitely the best event we’ve been to in a while and we can’t wait to go back there….it’s a must if you’re a rubberist 😉 Here’s Grimly in his rubber surgeon’s outfit!

jul - 1 (1)


We had a visit from our French friend, Strange Hobbies, and got up to a bit of mischief with him and Bound in Latex, who had fun in the chair!

jul - 1 (1)


Well, it feels recent of course,but in December the main thing I did was put Anne O’Malley in the bondage position shown in an artwork I liked…

jul - 1 (1)

Also in 2016, Grimly and latex decided to close their business, Locked for Infinity. Thank you to anyone who has bought anything. I’m sad it’s finished, but it means Grimly has more time to build me new things! 😉 He’ll also still make the odd thing for sale if it’s an interesting project and worthwhile 🙂

So there we go, that is pretty much 2016. Hope everyone reading has a lovely new year and a great 2017. Looking back on 2016 it looks like we’ve done a lot of kink, but a lot of it has been in short mad overwhelming bursts and then many weeks have passed where we’ve done little! I’d like to travel more and meet new people and I guess try new things. For me a highlight this year was trying the suck blow and hanging out with Anna Rose…and this helped remind me there are still lots of new things out there both for us to build and play with at home and to try elsewhere too! We’re visiting Anna again in the summer and I can’t wait, we’ll be combining that with Boundcon too I think, or possibly with other European travel…we’re just working out the final arrangements…so much to look forward to! Before that though I have a trip to Paris in a few weeks with Anne O’Malley, I’m not sure we’ll do any kink there but it will be fun!

We’ve also already ordered a new toy for this year after trying a friend’s…pics to follow!

Anyway I hope 2017 is less turbulent, 2016 has been stressful for a lot of the time with one thing and another family wise, so hopefully this year will be less so, or at least more controlled!

I’d also kind of like to add that I’d like more friends to invite us to things…rather than wait for us to invite them here…..a change of scene is nice sometimes even if it just for a coffee, a meal…a weekend 😉 This isn’t directed at anyone specific, just, you know, we’d like people to make as much effort with us as we do with them. I’ve got tired a lot this year of being the host…which I love…but, I want to spend more of my non-working time away from here this coming year. I guess I just want more adventures beyond my doorstep…though having said that, the adventures we have here are rather good so, it’s not a complaint, just a suggestion 😉


4 thoughts on “A review of 2016 : Part 2 of 2

  1. I really enjoyed the recap. The Silk Spectre costume is fantastic. Hoping 2017 brings you joy!

  2. Thanks Lea, you too!

    I just remembered I missed a highlight from October….Grimly bought a BOAT. LOL.

    Pictures to follow once everything is ship shape !

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