A review of 2016 : Part 1 of 2

Let’s be honest, I’ve been rather shit at keeping my blog up to date this year! Therefore,  I’m writing my annual review as a  kind of catch up and summary of what’s gone on. Some of these things I’ve written about, others I haven’t. So, here is a sort of catch up of my 2016, containing some never before seen pictures! 😉 The following is my review of the first 6 months….rest to follow tomorrow…


Ok, so Grimly and I had a bit of a rocky start to 2016, as his Mum was taken into hospital the day before New Year’s Eve last year and was not out until around April. It was a pretty trying 4 months for us since we had to balance hospital visits and parental care with pre planned commitments in our lives…but….we survived!

One of the first impacts this had was that we couldn’t go to the New Year’s Eve party we’d planned to attend in Manchester. However, we still had to travel to Worcestershire on New Year’s Day because Grimly had committed to an Ebay purchase a few days previously. We therefore decided to get up early on New Year’s Day, do a round trip and then back in time for hospital visit. I am just thankful we are both drivers…since it was incredibly tiring! The party would have broke it up, but it just couldn’t be done and we unsurprisingly weren’t in the mood for it.

The Ebay purchase was the Anaesthesia rig shown below. Ok, the picture is from last week and not from January, but it’s a better picture! There’s a few additions Grimly made to it too – it didn’t come like this! He’s added a computer screen, 2x ET312, 1xEstims box, LEDs to show the level of electro shocks, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, Venus2000….I think, that’s a fair summary of it all! I dunno…the tech goes over me a bit! It is still a work in progress, and we’ve just bought a new suction toy to add in!



Not particularly a month for kink, but we went on holiday to Fuengirola in Spain, with our friends Geetwo & Maxi. It’s the first time I’ve been to a ‘warm’ country in winter and I would most definitely do it again! We didn’t have a villa this time, so we didn’t take kink with us, but given how January has been it did us a lot of good to get some sun! We also went back to one of our favourite cafes in Nerja and went to Gibraltar. I wasn’t sure I’d be into Gibraltar, but it is actually an amazing place, it’s not just a hill with monkeys on it, there are some absolutely beautiful caves and quite interesting history! Anyway….here’s Grimly aping around….



We had a visit from our friend, Petgirl Kako of Serious Bondage and did some shoots for the site whilst she was over. To be honest, I can’t remember what shoot was when as we saw Serious Bondage a few times during 2016, and I don’t have still photographs of the March ones to work it out…though I do have this rather fetching photo of Kako doing some housework for me 😉 She was pretty terrible at the housework though, so I decided air was optional…via the squeeze to breathe. This is a great toy, and basically works as named!


Also in March, someone drove into the back of our Mazda and wrote it off. We were quite pleased after the hassle of it was sorted out because we both hated it and replaced it with an Alfa Romeo, which we like a lot more. Someone tried to drive into the back of the Alfa a few weeks ago whilst I was wearing latex and Anne O’Malley was dressed as an elf, but, they came off worse! 😉


Serious Bondage had left this Inflatable ball with us and we had some fun with that! I’m in there somewhere!


Around this time we also had our new friend, Strange Hobbies, visit us to teach us about fibre glass casting…more on that coming up…

We also bought and modified the tilt table. So, a pretty full on month!



Ok, so May has to win the prize for kink month of the year lol

It started off with a long dollification session with Toydolly where we slowly dehumanised her with a program of electrics, accidental waterboarding (oops!) and bondage! It was a lot of fun and different to the play I generally do since it is so objectified and just for my fun! Whether she enjoys it is kind of irrelevant…though..I think she does 😉



Though, for me, probably the highlight of my entire year was going to Munich to visit Boundcon for the first time! So many of our friends came along – Serious Bondage, Strange Hobbies, Anne O’Malley, Miss Velour, Daever, Arthur Dent and Cherry Bakewell, JG leathers, Kinky Tofu, Elise Graves, Troy Orleans, Captive Kink, Bound in Latex, my friends Henry and Tia (not online)…I’m probably missing someone, but wow it was an amazing get-together! We also met a whole load of other people through our little gang and it was a very similar vibe to the fun we had in Folsom Street in 2011.

The main highlight of Boundcon for us was the fibre-glass casting scene we’d planned for Petgirl Kako as a Serious Bondage video. The cast is absolutely SOLID and she’s in a puppy position on a custom built cart. We wheeled her all around the venue, and the video of this can be seen on Serious Images! I was really proud of how well she lasted, as it wasn’t the most comfortable of positions and I felt guilty for coming up with the idea!


Though, I also had some fun up on the stage with Anne O’Malley when we tried out the new hood we bought from Studio Gum. It’s fantastic and so severe! I led her round the venue like this too! 😉


Oh hell though, there was more kink to come even after Boundcon finished as JG Leathers arranged for us both and Henry and Tia to visit Anna Rose and her husband Uwe of Alterpic! I had wanted to meet Anna for soooo long she is such a lovely person and has such an amazingly well equipped place full of latex and all sorts of wonderful toys…..so, I guess Grimly and I were like kids in a sweet shop lol Really though, we just loved getting to know her and her husband and the fact that kink adventures was involved was just a bonus!

We managed to do 3 video shoots whilst we were there, this one, where Tia was restrained in metal and Anna and me in latex…which can be found on Alterpic….

Three's company photo shoot for Alterpic by Uwe Rose

and this fun pony girl shoot for Kinky Pony Girl….which featured JG Leathers in a starring role….

kinky pony girl photo by Uwe Rose

Though, the highlight for me was trying the suck blow machine given to Anna by her friend and the sadly missed, Jeff Gord. Here’s a sort of wrap-up shot with Anna, JG Leathers, Grimly and Tia!

The machine has two lights, when it lights up red the dildo must be sucked and when it’s green it must be blown on….mistakes lead to electric shocks, correct moves lead to vibrations from the hitachi…to be honest I got so muddled up I got shocked most of the time…but…it was great fun and Anna is so hot as a domme!

Jeff Gord suck blow, picture of the gang courtesy of Uwe Rose

The video isn’t available online yet, but will be coming soon and I’ll let you know when it’s up 🙂 They’re aren’t probably enough words to describe this because it was just so cool. Because this is just an annual review I’m gonna say I’ll write about this in more detail another time!


The highlight of June was this fun shoot for Serious Bondage with my naughty pony girl friend from Bound in Latex...J…


And so concludes the first half of the year…..stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “A review of 2016 : Part 1 of 2

  1. Once again, I really enjoy your writing. I also like seeing you as thisgirl restricted in Grimly’s devious mechanisms. For me it’s more fun than seeing you as the dom. But either way, I have appreciated you from a distance for a long time. Thank you.

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