One more step…

First of all – Merry Christmas! Hope you and yours have a lovely day! I’m writing this post whilst Grimly is preparing the Christmas dinner….yumm can’t wait lol 

A few weeks ago, I’d come across the drawing below by Alex. With the help of a fetlife friend, I managed to track down his deviant art page, which has many sources of inspiration for the future and I think you’ll agree his stuff is pretty hot;)


I decided it would be fun to recreate this picture with Anne O’Malley, given we have most of the equipment involved, although, not the exact outfits. I think we got pretty close! You can’t quite see the inflatable dildos in our picture given the angle, but I assure you they’re there and I think the look on her face shows her concentration on everything that is proving a challenge;)


Anyway, have a wonderfully kinky Christmas and a Happy New Year!

9 thoughts on “One more step…

  1. A merry Christmas to you both and a happy 2017 from cold wet Germany

  2. Merry Christmas from the States, and I enjoy your posts. Perhaps a tad bit envious also.

  3. Yeah, ‘a tad envious’. Half of us would like to get to work on Ms O’Malley and the other half to have you get to work on us.

    No, make that three quarters of us would like to get to work on Ms O’Malley and three quarters would like to have you get to work on us. Those in both groups are just greedy.

  4. Great work! You know, honestly the real version is much hotter than the drawing…

    Happy Christmas!

  5. Oh yeah ! Its a wonderfull Christmas-Work !
    In the Artwork we could see two (lovely) rubber bulbs under the Crotch and an Armbinder. But this should be toooooo Heavy for the other Girl.

    Happy Christmas Holidays !

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