Sack time

I can’t actually believe this photo was from around a year ago! I’ve just come across it again though as video of this scene has gone up on

The video is of me being put in the studio gum inflatable sleepsack by my gorgeous friend and one of the best professional mistresses I know, Lady Annisa.

I was going to be wearing a catsuit too, but it ripped 😦 so I’m just wearing a Rubber55 hood and some electrodes which Annisa had fun controlling.

I really like the inflatable sleepsack as it feels very restrictive and tight but at the same time really bouncy! We’ve used it quite a bit in different ways since this video, with other friends, but it was fun to get a go for myself!

I’d really like to play with Annisa again soon although she has a lot of crazy medical themed ideas and she scares me a bit!

Check out the video on Serious Images! There’s also some video on the same upload of myself and J from boundinlatex abducting our french friend, strangehobbies, and putting him in a latex ball!


5 thoughts on “Sack time

  1. I would love to experience the sleepsack, preferably for a good long time! As far as medical fetish is concerned, I have been Lady Annisa’s patient/lab rat on a number of occasions and she knows exactly what she is doing. I trust her medical experience completely, so give it a go next time you meet her.

  2. Being scared is part of the thrill, and putting trust in the Domme is the biggest compliment you can pay them so you’re both getting something from the experience. Having said that, I would need to know a Domme very well, as I do Lady Annisa, before I would explore medical fetish with her. Talk with her and I am confident that she will put your mind at rest.

  3. This is silly, but in this photo, you look like a hot dog. But a very content hot dog! (and this wasn’t meant to offend!)

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