The doctor will see you now

It’s not very often I manage to get a picture of Grimly dressed up, so I thought I’d share one with you. This was taken at Rubber Revolution in London by photographer, ZacZenza. I’m behind there too lol.


Grimly is wearing a latex surgeon’s outfit by our friend TLCDesigns together with a Z56 gas mask, which is one of my favourite gas masks.

Looking at this picture got me thinking about how quite a lot of my fetishes are rather medical . I’m not really sure where that began, since originally most of my first inspirations that I can connect to bdsm fantasies are more medieval and more about modern devices being reminiscent of medieval torture devices and contraptions. A lot of this getting into my head form movies, books, history lessons and family holidays to castles. I think all of my holidays in the 1980s and 1990s involved castles of some sort, so must have seen most of them!

Though, if I’m honest, even in films that I saw before ‘being kinky’ there’ve been a few clinical and medical themed interrogations, scientific experiments or alien abductions that crossover into the erotic. So, perhaps it’s not that surprising after all.

Its true also that it’s easy to convert and pervert things that have a legitimate and medical use on the body. I’m not sure what the first medical toy I was introduced to was. I’m going to take a guess at wartenberg wheel. Cheap and easy to use, they’re great for sensation play. Also ‘pre-Grimly’ I had tried a  cupping set and a violet wand, but I think that’s it. I spent quite a bit of money on a violet wand shortly before meeting Grimly, and after being introduced to e-stim, which I think is far superior, I felt very ripped off since it just does not have the same potential AT ALL.

After meeting Grimly, I was of course introduced to dentist chair mark 1, we are now on mark 2, and soon to perhaps build mark 3 as we feel it needs an upgrade. After being at the dentist today, and, as usual, thoroughly terrified, I would not have believed 15 years ago that I would on occasion find being strapped into such thing a turn on, but there you go. Grimly has also over the years introduced me to enemas, suction, speculum, tens machines and estims, jennings gags, dental implements, and all manor of other things that can be used for kink. Recently, that’s gone a little bit further with the gradual purchase of various medical machines for reading heart rate, breath rate, administering air and oxygen and all other weird stuff. I would say whilst JG Leather’s ‘control area’ is kind of NASA mission control, ours is turning much more med centre..though I guess all that is good.

Going to a dentist though does not turn me on, and, particularly this year I’ve seen more of the insides of hospitals than I’d like (visiting). The only thing that ever makes visiting a hospital interesting is being vigilant of what my husband might be drawing his inspirations from and making sure he doesn’t come away with anything. He wouldn’t, but sometimes I still worry when I see his eyes light up lol

A few times over the years we’ve done doctor/patient role-play, when its been combined with heavy electro-torture/brainwashing therapy and that can be fun as when he’s dressed up I can forget its him almost. I’ve not been tied up whilst he’s been in this surgeon’s outfit though..yet…and…I’m not really 100% convinced if I find it sexy or rather terrifying…

3 thoughts on “The doctor will see you now

  1. I loved this post. When I visit the dental hygienist, if she knew what was going through my mind, she would probably have a fit. I have her dressed in various latex outfits and a selection of masks!
    I enjoy reading about all your activities.

  2. As always, illuminative, intelligent and mind-expanding…. my first BDSM experience ( pre-pubescent ) was an artists easel. It was BIG ( bigger than me ) and it had chains… which is weird but they sort of adjusted the angle. But come on, big wooden thing, chains – what’s not to like..??

  3. You are such a lucky girl to have such a wonderful husband, I wish my wife was more like you and enjoyed kink, but alas this is not to be never mind we can not have everything in life but you both inspire me. I do so much enjoy reading you emails .

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