The day we went to blackpool

Last weekend, Grimly, my subby Anne O’Malley, our friends from and myself went to Blackpool for a fetish party and munch.

Blackpool is somewhere I’ve only been a handful of times and I think nearly all of those times it’s been cold and wet. It’s an English seaside town, so really what do you expect? I think I’ve been up the tower once and remember it feeling a bit rickety, and I’ve been on the pier, and I’ve also been there during a car run with the MG club where I broke down. Mr KC will laugh at that I’m sure, if he still drops in here 😉

I’m not really doing Blackpool so many favours here, but then, I’m a little bitter right now as I’ve come back from there with a cold which has upset plans of kink for this week! Here’s a song…

But anyway, enough of the vanilla side of Blackpool. The main reason we went there was for kink.

When we arrived, we tried out the local sex shop, Saints and Sinners, and we were pleasantly surprised by it. It has three levels, including one floor of kinky bondage stuff. So, worth a look for anyone who might be passing that way. The staff weren’t intrusive, and we spent a good bit of time browsing. I didn’t come away with any new toys, but got a few ideas for the future!

We spent the rest of Saturday wandering around the shops and setting into our apartment, before going to a fetish party we’d been invited to at The Unit. It was the second time Grimly and I had been to The Unit, having been to a rubber event there earlier in the year. It’s a really nice little club, and so, it’s a shame it’s probably only running up to the New Year, due to circumstances outside their control, so please check it out if you are in the Blackpool area over the next month.

It reminds me a little of the feel and vibe of a few places I’ve been to, that are purpose set up for kink events. It’s in an industrial unit, a little off the beaten track, and well equipped for various different events to happen there. It’s big enough to have plenty of play areas, but plenty of space to socialise too. Our local club here in Scotland has also ran special events at it.

I’ll need to take some pictures of the new outfit Anne O’Malley wore for the club. We recently got her a blue catsuit from latex catfish and a hood to match, and it looks very very nice. I wore latex as well, as did boundinlatex, Grimly, well he just looked despicable in leather as usual lol

I haven’t played in public for a while, and I always take far more stuff than I need, but I had some fun by putting Anne O’Malley in a straightjacket and heavy latex hood before beating  her up on a spanking bench 😉 I’m not going to write anything more about that though, other than to say, she wasn’t that comfortable on the way home 😉

On Sunday,after really not having too much sleep, being in the apartment below a hen night crowd, and after another walk around Blackpool, we went back to The Unit for a munch and hypnosis demo organised by our friend englishharry and with his guest speaker, Lex of We couldn’t stay for the full demo, due to travel arrangements, but what we saw re-ignited my interest in hypnosis and mind control quite a lot, at least to get me thinking about it.

The demo covered mostly different ideas of suggestions that you can put to someone you’ve had in a hypnotic state and about how this can work with and for some people improve their bdsm and d/s. It was interesting watching Lex’s partner just doing whatever he suggested to her whilst seeming to be completely relaxed and happy.

I think that’s my problem lately. I find it difficult to relax and I suppose ‘let-go’. Usually, kink is a distraction from normal life and a sort of therapy of itself and fun, but quite often lately I’ve not found that. I’ve found it to be another pressure or expectation, a sort of pressure I’m putting on myself and as a result this often puts me completely off the idea of engaging in any sort of kink at all because I don’t want fail. Which it isn’t really about failing or succeeding but this is the only way I can think of for trying to explain it. I suppose the distractions that I’m faced with have just too distracting and then sometimes having to try and do kink on the limited occasions when I have a window for it, isn’t coinciding with when I want to do it. Either this, or perhaps it is just laziness. Or maybe I am growing out of it. Though I don’t think it’s that!

So. I think the problem is really my state of mind. Hence why hypnosis again is intriguing me and hence why I have asked Grimly to make some modifications to our mind control mask. It is a while since we played with it, and I know that the trance lights, combined with ‘other’ things that were happening worked for me and relaxed my mind into being able to take in suggestions that Grimly put to me. I’d like to learn more about “non-sci-fi” versions of hypnosis and brain programming too though or anything really that can help relax my headspace before I start a session.

I know some people might be critical of this, saying well, if you need something else to be in the right head for it, then is it right, and I sort of say that of people who ‘need’ to drink before play, but I suppose what I’m saying is I want to do it, I want to do things with him, but I just want some way of being in a more relaxed state of mind with less background ‘noise’ around me, so that I enjoy it more and that he does too. I think, eventually, I will feel about kink how I did before, and that I have more drive for it, which at the moment is basically my problem, my drive is low and I need a bit of spark back.So, I keep trying anyway, but it is just requiring more effort than before. Though, I’m still having fun, once I get going LOL

Anyway, here’s an old picture of a previous trip to Blackpool – can’t believe this was from 4 years ago! We’d thought about a photo shoot last week…but it was very very cold..never mind winter is coming it is HERE.


4 thoughts on “The day we went to blackpool

  1. And the hottest “Girl” we see at the Promenade !

    But when the Weather is too bad, in Brighton is it better … … …
    You can meet Inspector Barnaby with his Episode: “The Sword Of Guillaume”

  2. *waves at EnglishHarry* glad to hear hypnosis is being demo’d in more places! If anyone in the London area is interested we’re actually doing a London Hypnosis Munch TODAY Nov 27th. Fetlife event is Very happy coincidence!

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