The day after* the Revolution

*ok well its the day after THAT. But, anyway. lol.

At the weekend, Grimly and I went to Rubber Revolution 6 in London with our friends SG and the lovely Trinity Pup. 

Rubber Revolution is a latex only fetish party held at a venue that doubles as photography studio and fully equipped dungeon. It has quite a strict dress code, basically, no latex, no entry, but whilst at some venues this would put people off, this is partially what made the event good. It meant that it was an event of people who were peers, and who shared a very specific fetish and there were absolutely no wanky voyeurs. I’m sorry, but the thing that puts me off most at any club is a wanky man in the corner who has made no effort with their outfit or with mixing with anyone getting themselves off whilst I and my friends make an effort. But this was absolutely not the case here. If you’re the kind of person who does that – piss off right now lol

I hopefully may have one or two photos from the event soon, but in the meantime here is a getting ready selfie.  Apologies, for the poor camera quality, but it shows a glimpse of my outfit and my current hair colour 😉


The venue for Rubber Revolution is I think, perhaps one of the best venues I’ve been to for ambience and quality. The organisers made that in part, by having welcome prosecco and canapés, a dedicated photo area for people to get a record of the evening, another photographer getting (with permission) more candid shots and a crew who clearly were aware of what was going on and ensuring all the guests had a good time. Oh the music was pretty cool too. I’m not very cool when it comes to music probably by most peoples standards, but a mix of 80s and 90s works for me lol. Just wish now that I’d had a few more drinks after playing and a dance lol

There was a fantastic play area upstairs too, with a bondage wheel, rope frame, medical examination chairs and tables and a cell and a bit more. The play area was far enough away from the social area that it was used primarily by players, and not voyeurs, which I think is always a benefit at a club.

I wore a black and red catsuit and wore an open face hood with it for most of the night. Probably, more people than not wore hoods the whole time, which meant it was quite hard to recognise people! I gave up with the hood after a while because of the heat, and because the ponytail it had was going to get in my way whilst playing 😉 This meant I had hood hair for at least an hour but it also meant a few more people recognised me and said hello lol

Grimly also wore rubber. Aside from Rubber Rebellion recently, Grimly has not worn latex in public very often. So it was nice to see him dressed up in it. He’d recently bought a latex surgeon’s outfit so he wore that and quite scary he looked too! Grimly I would say prefers latex on other people and for bondage equipment, but I think we’re managing to convert him into a rubberist perhaps after all 😉

I love rubber so it was a fun event for me. I’m not really sure to be honest that I’m a hard core rubberist in that I don’t often sit around in it if it’s not at a fetish event, or as part of a scene but I am heavily turned on by it. I’m not sure what really first made me want to try it, other than wanting to look sexy for Grimly – and that, to be  honest, is still my main aim when I dress in it now, and will always be. But, its good also to get compliments from others too and I think on women its very hard for latex not to look good! Another thing I liked about the event too was that there was more of an assortment of mens latex beyond just plain black catsuits, there was every colour, every style. People had clearly gone to town and made the effort with their outfits.

I hope to go to Rubber Revolution again next April, so if you can make it to London and  you’re a rubber fetishist you should definitely consider it.

I was going to write a little about the fun and games I had there with my friends, but, as Pup hasn’t written a blog for a while I’ll leave it a while to see if she does haha consider that a gauntlet 😉 All I’ll say is this, part of what makes a great event is the company wink wink 😉 😉


6 thoughts on “The day after* the Revolution

  1. Was lovely to see you and Grimly again. To see how your rubber is devolping to you both looked fab as did SG and his lovely pup. Roll on the next one.

  2. Still love that photo of you. I’m so glad you had a great time. x

  3. It was my first Rubber Revolution and it was great to meet so many people. Thanks for you great blog it’s always a good read.

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