Rise and shine!

I’ve got behind with my blog again, despite really the best of intentions. Oops! So, an update on September then. It’s been just a little bit latexy and shiny…lol

On the 10th September, Grimly and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. We had a nice meal and played around with then new medical inversion frame that we have and I wore white…although it be white latex not a white wedding dress (don’t think it fits now lol). I’m not sure if i’ve posted pictures of this before, but this was an ex-piece of medical equipment that we modified.


I wore a similar outfit to this for Rubber Rebellion, though, minus the gas mask. I get on quite well with rubber and I can wear it for many hours at a time, but hoods and gas masks, ok for play, but for an all day event, not sure I can. Though, more practice needed I suppose!

We really enjoyed Rubber Rebellion, it was organised by our friend Mistress Empathy and her ‘assistants’ and we’re having a visit from her here next month so we’re looking forward to that! We also have our friend Strange_Hobbies from France visiting soon as well.

This weekend, we have another Rubber event and we’re off to London! We’re going to Rubber Revolution and really excited about meeting lots of latex friends there and catching up with our friends SG and Pup. Remember them? Longstanding fans of my blog should. I love them to bits and its been sooooo long…I’m hoping Pup will wear her transparent catsuit…yummmm lol

Anyway, I’ll try write a proper post next week, in the meantime the other main news I have is that Grimly bought a boat. So, latex fun on Loch Lomond next year.  Watch this space. 😉

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