Room 101

The update including the pony girl shoot we did for Serious Images also included this little shoot that I filmed of my friends having some fun together. It was an impulse shoot which was  inspired by new hoods we’d bought from latex101 but I found it horny to film it so hopefully you’ll find it horny to watch it and look at the pics….

We’d all bought hoods at Latex 101 the day before, which is a latex manufacture based here in Scotland. Latex 101 are known mostly for their ‘textured’ latex shirts and dresses and they’re worth checking out if you want a new outfit for going out to a fetish club that’s a bit different – especially for you boys. We liked these hoods though because from a distance they look featureless, but they actually have perforations in the eyes, nose and mouth to allow sight and breathing.

bound in latex

picture of our friends at featuring latex 101 hoods

For this shoot Jane decided to put J in the studio gum sleepsack and then she tormented him with estim on his cock before teasing him more with the studio gum ‘breathable dildo’ and latex toe socks. I felt so sorry for him, being taken close to the edge by such a hot chick in latex…poor man…;)

bound in latex

picture of our friends at featuring latex 101 hoods

In the above picture Jane is just deciding whether to put the electrics on a ‘nice’ or ‘nasty’ setting. I’m not really sure why she was finding it so hard to make up her mind 😉

Back on the subject of room 101 though, of course, it’s also associated with a tv programme here where people can vote to put things they don’t like in a room and lock them away forever. I don’t need too much time to choose what from my playroom goes in room 101, there’s nothing I don’t like!

However, in a general sense I’d probably put rope in there as I don’t find it interesting oh and I’d also like to lock away numpty doms who think they’re God’s gift…luckily none of them bother me directly too much though…maybe they’re scared 😉


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