Babe in the woods

Following the theme of pony girl videos, the pony girl video we shot for Serious Images with our friends at boundinlatex is now available to watch on the Serious Images site and was put up last week as part of a three set bondage update. Here’s a sneak peak…

In this video, I capture wild pony jlatex and dress her up in the creature harness made by lockedforinfinity and trot her around the woods.


picture of myself and jlatex taken by bound in latex

She wasn’t a particularly well-behaved pony as you’ll see from the video, but she certainly was very sexy and the green latex really popped out on film. Hopefully you enjoy it if you take a look!


picture ofjlatex taken by bound in latex – video available at Serious Images

So what do you think am I better as a pony or a riding mistress? You can judge for yourself perhaps if you come along to Sexhibtion in 2 weeks 😉

Leave me a comment . . .

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