Cart before the horse

Whilst Grimly and I were at Anna Rose and Uwe’s place in May we did a pony girl shoot together along with our Canadian friends, JG Leathers, Henry and Tia. The video of this was put up on last week…I’m a little behind with telling you due to more friends staying this week and not being near the computer but I hope you enjoy the update…read on for a sneak preview…

I think Anna Rose must be one of the most known pony girls there is and her site has been going a very long time so it was very cool to do a pony shoot with her! I kind of wasn’t very well organised for it, I think having sort of hoped to have her as my pony girl rather than to be one with her but perhaps I can do that another time 😉 But, as I hadn’t packed for this eventuality, other than to bring the version of the ‘creature harness’ Grimly made, I had to borrow Anna’s tack and pony boots. Mind you, dressing up in her stuff was lots of fun!

The shoot started with us three girls all in cages and then our handlers came to get us. As Grimly was filming the video, I got to play around with JG. So, whilst it was not quite pony girls on the ranch it was most definitely pony girls at the farm. Though, I’m surprised JG was brave enough to let me out of the cage given I’m the kind of pony girl that kicks;)


picture of myself, photo taken by Uwe Rose

I have to say it was hard to concentrate on too much that was going on as it was very hot and it was rather distracting watching Anna and Tia, though as you can see the guys had their hands full! Anna was wearing a face mask and harness made for her by Jeff Gord, and I wore Grimly’s version of the JG Leathers harness, so it was a cool mix of gear!


picture of myself and Anna Rose, photo taken by Uwe Rose

After all the girls were out in the courtyard, we were rigged up to the carts and trotted around. The boys didn’t really have a lot to do other than to enjoy the sunshine!

You can see the full video at 🙂


picture of myself and JG Leathers, photo taken by Uwe Rose

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