As I see it (but not how she did)

A wicked Wednesday post : the theme this week is the view

The theme this week is views, memorable ones, special ones etc.

The thing that came immediately to mind was the kinky photo shoot I did with JG Leathers at a viewpoint in San Francisco…pictured below, but I’ve kind of written about that before, so I had to think of something else! That was interesting though, because it was in front of tourists ……it’s amazing what you can get away with when you turn up with a camera and a boom mike. Lots of people took my photo, and it was our honeymoon too so a fun memory for me!

serious images

picture of me, taken by Grimly Feendish

Anyway, I decided not to write about that today!

I’ve written before about using blind contact lenses. A few months ago I decided I’d take my sub Anne O’Malley out for the day but not let her see where we were going

We weren’t doing anything else kinky as such, other than that she was blind. To everyone else, she was an awkward blind girl and so completely under the radar of passersby, unlike me, in the photo above!

She put the contact lenses in the house, and I guided her to my car. My mother in law was in the hospital at the time so we had to visit. I left Anne O’Malley in the car whilst I visited. I’m guessing it probably felt a long time, but I had to do the visit, since I think from memory it might have been Mother’s day or the day before. Anyway, up till that point, she’d known where we were heading and as it was a familiar road probably wasn’t *too* disoriented.

I decided to change that though and drove her in the car to a seaside resort about forty miles away or so. It was really funny because she couldn’t see much apart from sometimes light shapes, so didn’t have too much clue as to what direction we were going in or how far away it was, and I hadn’t said. When we got there, I parked up in a public car park and guided her round the town. Holding on to her hand, and trying to direct her. It was pretty hard though, it’s harder being responsible for someone who can’ see if you’re not used to it! The funniest part though was when she wanted to go to the toilet. I managed to direct her to a public cubicle, but I forgot to guide her to where the paper was and I think perhaps some of the other people in the washroom thought she looked a bit confused when she was trying to find the sink ! No one said anything though, so we weren’t exactly rumbled. I felt sorry for Anne O’Malley (though not that much!) as she was completely reliant on me for directing her, and not abandoning her blind in a place she didn’t know. Though, I might have found that hot to make her panic for a little while!

The town we were in has a ferry to an Island. I’d never been on it. Nor had I appreciated how awkward it is to get someone who can’t see onto a boat. It is doable though! It was a short crossing, and whilst I could see the Island up ahead of us and the town behind, on a nice sunny crisp spring day, she couldn’t see anything! I’m assuming though she would have smelt the sea and felt the wind, and be perhaps picturing some of where she might be from that. Although, it would have been hard as she didn’t really have too much of a point of reference!

When  we arrived on the Island we had to get off the ferry and onto a bus. This is also difficult with a blind person! Once we were off the bus and in the village, I let her take the contacts out and she found herself suddenly on an Island, with Scotland ahead of her, looking quite beautiful in the sun. Her, not Scotland 😉

Afterwards I felt maybe it would have been fun to add more to the predicament, remote control toys, or something like that, or a plug, but it was fun for just being what it was. The one thing I like about sensory deprivation is how everything else is heightened and sometimes by taking away just one sense it makes everything else more intense, perhaps even for the person taking it away 😉

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4 thoughts on “As I see it (but not how she did)

  1. I love this. we have been looking into getting some for our play. I would love to know if you have any recommendations. I have found a few companies that look promising

  2. I hope Anne Enjoyed that but think you are lucky she was not sea sick. Most people find looking at a fairly fixed point, typically the horizon, gives a reference for the balance system of the brain. Without that, the rolling and pitching of a ship, even on a calm day, can cause severe vomiting. Who knows, she might have found that satisfied her masochistic side 🙂

  3. I’ve used but also bought pocket darkroom – quite a few kink suppliers stock those – depending on when you’re looking really depends on who has them and how much they’re charging! They seem to be the same thing though. I’ve not worn any myself so I don’t know if there is much of a difference between suppliers lol.

    barbie…lol…ten minute crossing across the Clyde river…not long enough to get seasick lol

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