Party piece

When our friends Serious Bondage visited earlier in the year we had a bit of a party at ours with a bit of a blow up theme! The video went up on the site this week, but here’s a bit of a preview for anyone interested…

The shoot started with us putting our friend, Cherry Bakewell, into a Rubber’s finest hood and teasing her a little. I really like this hood and ended up buying a very similar one at Boundcon as this one belongs to Serious Bondage. Cherry really likes hoods and I think its obvious on the video that she was getting very spacy from it!

Afeter we had Cherry hooded, we also added inflatable latex ball mitts and then got some other friends restrained beside her. Here you see the male half of in a Studio Gum sleepsack with Cherry’s blown up hands very close to his sensitive areas! We wouldn’t encourage her to use those gloves for boxing now would we 😉

We also put petgirl_kako in the inflatable dog suit, and that it was time to turn up the torment!

Regrettably, we ran out of inflatable bondage to go around so I had to be one of the temptresses…no issue for me there just a pretty typical night at our place LOL

4 thoughts on “Party piece

  1. I love what you and your husband get up to I do wish I could meet you both but. I live in the South of England regards tightbelt

  2. we get down south occasionally you can keep an eye on what we’re going to on fetlife, if you go to events that is.

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