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A wicked Wednesday post : the theme this week is Identity


I’m a game of Thrones fan and to anyone else who is, well then you’ll know the relevance of this title. But just in case you don’t, in the current series of game of Thrones one of the characters, Arya Stark, has been training to be an assassin and spy in an organisation called the faceless men. She keeps being asked who she is, because to be able to be fully accepted into the organisation she has to be ‘no-one’, not Arya for instance, and able then to change her face as required to complete different assignations. For most of this series she thinks she wants this, as she feels misplaced from her home, and it’s a lot about whether she can truly be no one or not. I won’t tell you what happens as it would give spoilers if you’re not up to date!

I think the idea of the faceless men is hot. They can change their face to be anyone to slip under the radar to do what needs to be done.I think we all must have had at some point in our life had a moment where we’d quite fancy getting away with looking like someone else. What would you do if you could look like someone else for a day? Commit a crime? Walk a day in someone else’s shoes? It’s an interesting topic to think about.

Thing is though, although it’s possible for actors and actresses to change how they look quite drastically (or with surgery) it’s not something that is so easy for the rest of us. Though I think in this kink world we come close.

I’m a really big fan of role-play. I perhaps don’t write about it so much, since most of the kink I do these days doesn’t involve roles that are too much more defined than victim/villian lol. However, I used to do spanking website modelling and private spanking sessions and we used it a lot for that. I had a different name for it too, well though obviously none of the names I use online are my real ones lol

Anyhow, in those days there was usually always a theme. Schoolgirl, nurse, naughty teenager, cheerleader, arabian slave …all sorts. A theme, and a rough plot. When we did the movies there would be a loose scenario and we would act to that. I found it really easy to get in role and be the (i guess quite stereotyped sometimes) character and I found it easiest by being in costume. I’m sure most actors are the same. By putting on a specific outfit, doing my hair, makeup, etc different, I found it easier to pretend to be someone else and to act out the scenario. I generally found it easiest if it was a scenario that required mischief, i suppose that isn’t a surprise to you. It was escapism though, and an hour or two where we were in character and not really thinking about other things. I think I need to do more role-play! Though, I got to do some recently being a pony mistress (see a few posts back!)

All the kink I do though is really a form of escapism for me. I generally don’t think about other stuff when I’m engaged in it.

It’s weird though, I feel the ‘vanilla me’ is a ‘no-one’ because I don’t have a high-powered career, I’m not the centre of attention and I’m certainly not the life of the party at a work function, much more the wallflower. I could try harder to be a someone in those areas, but I feel it contradicts with my kink. No one outside kink probably would care that I am kinky, because it doesn’t have an impact on them at all in the same way it would if I had a career, fame, children etc I’m quite happy to slip under most people’s radar, or the radar of those who don’t understand.

Having said that, for someone who is quite shy and someone you’d most likely walk past without noticing in the street, I feel kink has given me the ability to be *someone*. I feel I’ve achieved a lot in this sense, that it brings out a lot of the best of me, my confidence, my self-esteem, my passion and  imagination. I also feel for the most part, respected.

I think I like having parts of my life where I’m no-one, but it’s also fun to matter and at times, to certain people, be someone to be interested about.

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3 thoughts on “No one

  1. I love your analogy with Game of Thrones (and thanks for not spoiling it for me 🙂 ).
    In a way it might be nice to be ‘no one’ at times, but I think somehow we are always ‘someone’ 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. I also liked the analogy. I have a post titled “a girl has no name” where I connect the submissive nature of various GOT story lines.

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