On a scale of 1 to 10


So, ten years ago today I did something for the first time. Blog here! Happy anniversary little blog!

Thank you especially to those readers who have been along for the journey either from the beginning or for a long time:) Haven’t I bored you yet with my rambles? You should read this entry though…I think you’ll like it especially if you like House of Gord!

I guess over ten years a lot has changed. For a start, Grimly and I have spent almost five of them married. Since we’ve got married, coincidence it may be, there’s also been a lot of drama with family life and so kink has been more condensed despite there in theory being the opportunity for more of it.Theory and practice is not at all the same thing! Having said that, what we’ve done has been perhaps quality more than quantity, and to be fair, that I prefer. We’ve also expanded our network of friends and collaborators and probably, most of our adventures are now their ‘fault’.

You’ll notice I’ve written a few posts about our adventures with Serious Bondage lately but that’s really only because whenever we’ve met up with them exciting stuff has happened and its usually gotten filmed too. We have a close friendship with them, and that’s mainly come about because our Canadian friend JG Leathers introduced us and we’re on a similar wavelength with a lot of things. He also recently introduced us to Anna & Uwe Rose, and I thought I’d use this blog to tell you a story about that. Without pictures at the moment! Because I’m mean like that. Grimly calls it ‘random acts of casual cruelty’.Well, I’m not really meaning to be mean, I’m meaning to just have a bit of build up to this, because it was pretty special and I’m trying to make the effort to write something instead of saying ooh look at this cool picture LOL. I’ve been lazy lately. Sorry.

However, I WILL upload those cool pictures later. Or when I can point you to the video. Might be best to watch without sound though  😉 Let’s just say you were warned.

So this all started when Anna Rose said to Grimly on Facebook something along the lines of “I have a Jeff Gord machine and I want to put your wife in it“. Grimly of course loved teasing me that she’d said this which worked to an extent but also freaked me out about whether I’d actually be able to take it, particularly as of late I’ve had more opportunities on the giving end rather than the receiving. Also because when this idea was first floated about I felt fat. I’ve lost weight, and is it happened, enough to feel I could do it, but at the weight I was when we planned the trip, I’d have felt even more self-conscious. I was already a lot!

Grimly and I had always wanted to meet Gord. There’s really only a limited number of people who are truly kink innovators and engineers of well, something a bit different, and he was definitely one. Though, I did worry that there might be an ego clash lol. Just in case,  you haven’t heard of Gord then you should look at his site he sadly passed away a few years ago after being known world-wide for his love of mad bondage contraptions which were usually on a fornaphilia theme (human furniture) or featuring heavy bondage and fuck machines sometimes at the same time as being strapped to moving vehicles. That’s a very brief explanation but his site and fetlife will tell you a lot more.

Unfortunately, we never got round to meeting though we spoke online a little. We know quite a bit about him, having heard stories from JG and now from Anna and Uwe as well. I know those three really care about him and Anna particularly cares a lot about doing things as he would have enjoyed and wanted and I really liked that about this particular experience, she was doing what she could to make it true to how he would have done it. I agree with that sort of mentality, no point doing stuff half arsed right? Especially if doing so is disrespecting someone’s creation and their memory.

Due to various issues I’ve had over the years with my body image, whilst I’ve always dreamt of being a Gord girl or an Insex model I’ve at times really thought, you know what, let’s be sensible here. It’s not really going to happen is it? Hopefully though, what follows says if you want something to happen, well, it can. With a little help from you friends.

I saw it the day we arrived, when we got the ‘tour’. We joke with our friends that when we have new people at our place they get a tour of our playroom. It takes a while. We have a lot. It’s not because we’re rich. We’re not. We just have been at it a long time and Grimly has the ability to make a lot of things. Anna & Uwe’s tour takes a lot longer than ours though lol. We saw it in storage in one of the medical rooms, but we decided we’d use it in the ‘grand hall’. A beautiful large room with terracotta coloured stone tiles and a vaulted ceiling. The room is large, with pillars and various bondage contraptions dotted about including a cage described as being useful for the double fuck machine. Ok, so trying one of those is also on my to do list 😉

Although we saw it on the first day, we didn’t use it until day three. Mainly because we’re getting to know each other a bit first, and because we did the shoot with the metal gear and butterfly straight jackets first. I had weird dreams the night before. I can’t remember about what, I’m not going to say I was scared, because that’s not quite right but most definitely anxious and yeah, Grimly wasn’t helping with that much. The Gord machine Anna has is called the ‘Suck Blow’ and she had last used it I think at the show she did at Wasteland shortly after he passed away, so it was special that she’d let me have a go when it’s clearly something she cherishes.

It looks quite menacing stood there in the grand hall. It’s a sort of black frame you have to kneel up on before the feet are bound up against the back and more bondage added. For the scene we all had a smoky transparent latex theme going on. I wore a leotard and pony tail hood with stockings and ballet boots, whilst Anna wore a transparent smoky black catsuit, hood and corset. Her assistant, Tia, was wearing boots ‘up to here’ a smoky black transparent latex dress and she had a corset too. Pretty hot trio I’d say! I managed to stand in the ballet boots but I’m really out of practice for walking in them. I should practice it I suppose there’s no excuse not to as we have a few pairs of them now.

Anna and Tia helped me up onto the stand and then used ratchet straps to strap my body to the stand whilst my feet were as far up as I could get them against my back. It wasn’t the most comfortable of positions, but it’s not designed to be! Anna was definitely not soft in how tightly she fastened those straps and I couldn’t help but gasp and wiggle as she made things more restrictive. After I was strapped tightly to it and balanced right (I was really worried to begin with that I’d fall over in that thing!) Anna added a smoky transparent latex arm binder. This rig has to be done with an arm binder you see. I need to perhaps practise more with those too, since it was the first time I’d worn one in a very long time. I wasn’t so worried about losing feeling in my arms though because I soon had much more pressing things to worry about and that wasn’t anything I couldn’t deal with.  Anna then placed some electro pads on my bum and wired them up to the electro machine that’s at the front of the rig near my face. Once they were in place, she added another ratchet strap to ensure I couldn’t move the arm binder up or down. It was all pretty compact a-la-Gord style. Anna then put the suck/blow dildo in place, and this kind of freaked me because it was quite a bit bigger than my gag reflex is used to, but we managed to get it appropriately positioned.

Now, I should probably explain how the machine works, it’s a sort of blow job training machine. There are two lights on it. One is red, one is green. Anna explained it all very clearly. When the light is red, you have to suck, when the light is green you have to blow. If you get it right, the pneumatic system attached to the dildo turns on a hitachi wand, positioned just in the right place, and if you get it wrong, then it turns on the electrics. I lost track of that pretty quickly, the vibrator was Oh my God exactly in the right place and Anna Rose is in front of me in latex I mean you know it’s an excuse for getting distracted right? Two excuses. Three because Tia looked hot too! All very distracted, and the more excited I got the less I concentrated on what the hell the lights were doing. Anna did try to provide helpful  advice nice lady that she is, but I’d zoned out by this point I think. It was all made more bizarre by it being filmed and with Grimly and JG Leathers in the background taking photos. I was very wobbly coming off it that’s for sure and had to be caught before I hit the deck lol I’m not really sure how many orgasms I had, possibly six, I think it was noisy. I could have had more I think…but perhaps as well best left wanting more.

Marks out of ten for the experience of being tied up by Anna Rose in a Gord contraption…oh gazillions out of ten lol.

You really want those photos now don’t you 😉

OK….here’s one to start with…featuring Anna Rose, myself and Ms_Tia…

9 thoughts on “On a scale of 1 to 10

  1. My goodness. The images this brings to mind… Would have loved to watch

  2. I haven’t commented in a while, but still reading every post. Something tells me if there is an audio track we will hear quite a few cuss words from you between mubbled sounds of sucking off that dildo

  3. There will be a video eventually on one of Anna’s sites I think, certainly one was made! Thank you all for your comments, I’ll add a sneak peak in just a moment…..

  4. “if you want something to happen, well, it can. With a little help from you friends.”

    Words to live by!

    I’ve been following your blog for some years now, and it’s been wonderful seeing you gradually fulfilling your dreams. I look forward to when I can do so myself. 🙂

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