The three R’s

None of that Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic business here! For me, the three R’s are most definitely Rubber, Rubber, and yes, more Rubber! I think my friend Anna Rose also thinks along similar lines. She put up the second part of our video ‘Three’s Company‘ yesterday on her site so I thought I’d share some more of the preview pictures with you…first part of my blog about it was here.

In the second instalment of the video, I put Anna in my butterfly straight jacket from TLC Designs  and strap a hitachi wand in place.

I also then put an inflatable latex hood on her and pushed the buttons on her vibrator which started to get her excited! Having said that, I was getting excited too as it was fun having Anna as my latex dolly whilst Tia was overlooking everything from her seat up above on the bondage frame.

Grimly, however, decided to gate crash the video as I think he thought I was having far too much fun with Anna and put me in our other butterfly straight jacket and another of Anna’s hoods so we were matching each other. He also strapped Anna’s Arcana electro-vibrator to me so we were both similarly entertained. Poor Tia, in her chastity belt, could only drool from above! Awww..Though, I can’t really say I felt that sorry for her I was too busy enjoying the vibrator and the sounds of Anna’s orgasms…;)

Please check out the video if you want to see what happened!

4 thoughts on “The three R’s

  1. Now this is PROPER latex bondage. Makes a lovely change from the tonnes of cheap nasty ‘rubber’ bondage circulating these days. Thanks Lady’s 🙂

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