You can take a horse to water …

We’ve had our friend Petgirl_kako staying this week and we’ve been filming for Serious Images whilst she’s been here. At the weekend, we took our friends out in the woods for some kinky pony play.

First of all I had to catch pony girl Sparkles in the woods and then harness her up before training her. She’s wearing the JG  Leathers’ style harness and head harness designed by her and Grimly. If you want your own harness, you can buy it here.

Sparkles was a very wayward and naughty pony! However, after some training and additional bondage, she was much more compliant and a lot more receptive to the stick than the carrot! Though I think you’ll see from the pictures that her cheeky spirit could not be broken at all!

The title of the post refers to the fact that despite trying my best, I couldn’t get the pony to drink out of the stream, despite my very best efforts, she did not want to do it! She seemed to be having a lot more fun being naughty and mischievous.

To see more of the pictures, check out and the video will be coming along soon to Serious Images, where you’ll be able to watch my frustration with the incredibly naughty pony!

Also, I’ll soon be sharing the pony play fun I had with Anna Rose. So, watch this space!


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