Three’s company!

After we went to Boundcon, our friend JG Leathers took Grimly and I to meet Anna Rose, and her husband, Uwe, of Alterpic.

I’ve been a total fangirl of Anna’s for years so when John told us he could take us to see her after Boundcon, Grimly and I had the tickets booked! We really enjoyed spending time with them, and our Canadian friends, Henry and Tia, who were also along for the trip. Grimly and I really enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them. To me, spending time getting to know people for who they are instead of what they do is really important. In fact, we probably spend more time doing normal things with our kinky friends than we do doing kink things because we enjoy people’s company and sharing good times. Having said, the kink thing is a pretty big part of our lives and so you won’t be surprised to know that we ended up getting up to some mischief of a latex and bondage nature together…

The first video of our adventures is up on Anna’s site now, so please take a look. In the video, Anna is wearing head to toe latex, whilst I’m wearing the catsuit Grimly bought me for my birthday and an open face pony tail hood.


The two of us gang up on Tia, who we drag in by her hair before restraining her in a metal bondage frame and then we add metal bondage restraints to her body. The metal cuffs and collars were all made by Henry and so they fit Tia perfectly. I love the gear Henry makes as you can see the work and effort and care that has gone into it.

After Tia was suitably restrained, it was my turn to tie up Anna Rose. I placed her in an inflatable hood, butterfly straight jacket and then added a hitachi wand harness and left her buzzing away. However, seen as I couldn’t see that for long, I’m not showing you at the moment either, you’ll need to watch the video :p

The reason why I couldn’t see it, was because shortly after I tied up Anna, Grimly grabbed me and put me in the same predicament. Also in a butterfly straight jacket, with a vibrator strapped in place and left kneeling beside Anna who I couldn’t see, with Tia above us. I couldn’t see anything at all, but I could hear plenty. Though some of that noise was my own, and it was quite loud.

I found it a really hot and sexy scene, being tied up with two absolutely gorgeous girls in latex. I hope you enjoy the video too if you watch it 🙂

3 thoughts on “Three’s company!

  1. I never realised you, Grimly and JG were actually kinky….then again JG did buy me my coffee 🙂
    (JG’s wife is the real hero btw !)

    Keep up the good work….my compliments to Ms Rose ( another heroine of mine )

  2. Anonymous stop hiding behind that leather clad motorcycle riding bottom LOL.

    Yes I agree with you, JG’s wife is an absolute hero, looking forward to seeing them both again soon 🙂 and Anna…yes…the epitome of the kinky damsel in distress 🙂

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