Boundcon Cast-Aways : Part 2

So in addition to casting petgirl_kako as a puppy, our whole gang of ladies got to try the fibre glass casting at Boundcon…

We decided we’d get a big group of girls, and cast them all together holding hands. This was fun for me, because it was my first experience of actually being casted and it didn’t feel the least bit scary and having seen it being done a few times, I was pretty sure it would be absolutely fine and that it wouldn’t turn out to be a manic episode of Saw lol

The picture below shows Jlatex,anne_Omalley,petgirl_kako and me.


After the fun we had with this, and the puppy cast, we decided on the last day of Boundcon to do a fully body cast of our friend B-kinky of KinkyTofu.


It was very intense as it covered her from neck to toe, and got her lots of attention! Hopefully now it gets her some more! I think B-Kinky was amazing to be brave enough to try this in front of a lot of strangers and gawkers, but she looked great as I’m sure you’ll agree.

On the whole, our efforts casting with Serious bondage seemed to go down well with Boundcon, but we’ll now have to think up something more spectacular for the next time 😉

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