Boundcon Cast-Aways : Part 1

So we’re back from around ten days in Germany, having visited Boundcon and Alterpic and what an amazing time we had!

Boundcon is a pretty amazing event in itself, its a 3 day event where you can watch shows, take part in workshops, but mostly shop and socialise.There is a LOT of cool gear available to buy, all in one place, and I guess, you could be a little spoilt for choice with all of that!

To be fair though, we didn’t so much go for the shopping! At least, not this time. Our main focus for attending was to get together with a large group of our friends, some of whom we don’t see often and to have fun with them. Within our group we had a Frenchman, several Belgians (bearing chocolate 😉 ), several Brits, Americans, and Canadians so it was our little international family. Though, in addition to hanging out with our friends, we also wanted to help our friends Serious Bondage with the stand they had at Boundcon.

Grimly had this idea that it would be cool to do some fibre-glass casting at Boundcon as we’d had a brief try of that a few months ago when our French friend, Strangehobbies, paid us a visit and gave us a lesson in the technique. Now, generally I don’t have ideas that are as cool as Grimly’s and usually if I have them, they tend to be farfetched and unrealistic. However, this time it worked out!

I don’t know why, but I had this notion that it would be fun to have our pet, petgirl_kako, casted in puppy gear and wheeled around like an antique puppy toy. If you don’t know what I mean, look at some of these pics on google. Luckily, Mark @ Serious Bondage knew someone local to Boundcon who could make this happen for us! Our new friend, ModeNarr.

ModeNarr, at short notice, managed to make us a puppy cart. To be fair, I think you’ll agree that whilst cool it wasn’t the most creative thing he made that weekend and tame compared to this…


M : ModeNarr P: by JG Leathers

Here you see a sort of head cage, made of plastic sheeting which has then been hollowed out exactly to his face dimensions. He’s then trapped in a bondage box and I guess made to be a kinky bartender. I thought he looked really cool!

Anyway, back to the casting. Fibre glass casting is a lengthy  process, there has to be preparation with stockinette and padding to protect the skin, and then the casting itself is very messy. Luckily, our team of casters managed to contain the chaos and have fun at the same time!


M:Petgirl_Kako, assisted by Grimly_Feendish, SeriousBondage, Strangehobbies P: Me.

I’m really proud of petgirl_Kako that she managed the casting, and being in it for as long as she was as it was an awkward position and not at all comfortable! Though, she has done a few casting scenes for Serious bondage before. In the past, that’s included going out to cafes and all sorts in fully rigid casts. In the picture below, she’s now just about fully covered in the fibreglass…


M:Petgirl_Kako P:Me

The casting process was a lot of fun, however, the most fun part was when we got to put her on the cart and wheel her around Boundcon, which got rather a lot of attention!


M:Petgirl_Kako P: Grimly

We wheeled her right around Boundcon a few times over, so if you were there and saw this please leave me a comment to say hi! She was quite a cheeky puppy though as she had lots of pretty girls fussing over her including chastity_babes.

Video of the casting coming soon to Serious Images and part 2 to follow soon!

Leave me a comment . . .

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