One of the things that sometimes puts me off feeling kinky is my size. I feel lately that I’ve put on a lot of weight probably with comfort eating whilst we’ve been stressed with family goings on, the winter and my recent holiday.

People can actually say I look fine till they’re blue in the face, but if I don’t feel comfortable I don’t feel comfortable and that’s it. It’s an issue I need to have a better way of dealing with and I know that, but I think it’s probably quite common in women to sometimes not feel attractive and find the bits in photos that they don’t like too easily! So I know I’m not alone in this.

When I feel like that it’s really hard to want to do kink especially when a lot of the times Grimly likes to take photos and at those times having my photo taken is the absolute LAST thing that I want.

Having said that, I’ve gone I think past my ‘tipping point’ where I’ve realised what the scales say and have now started action to get back to the size I want…roughly the size I was five years ago LOL. So, lately I’ve rejoined a gym and also started a diet class. I’m just hoping its all enough to make a difference in time for BOUNDCON! Though, I’m feeling positive as I can see a difference to where I was last month ๐Ÿ™‚

Though…some bondage gear just isn’t that flattering…some gear does make the wearer look like a balloon ๐Ÿ˜‰

We were fortunate to get given this latex bondage ball recently by our friends at Serious Bondage…it’s good fun! Though reminds usย of a certain league of gentleman episode!

The ball works by getting inside it and then it can be slowly inflated. A tube connects to a gas mask so breathing is possible.

Although, breathing is slightly less possible when using a squeeze to breathe! It was quite a nice isolation experience but slightly weird!


Perhaps slightly less weird as inflatables go is the Studio Gum sleepsack…we tried it out a slightly different way with our friends Arthur_Dentย & Cherry_Bakewell a few months ago by putting it upright and then adding some torments.

I think she looks rather lovely in it! This is part of a video which is now available to watch on Serious Images.



7 thoughts on “Ballooned!

  1. I don’t think skinny girls are particularly good for BDSM play. I have always thought you look just lovely. I was envious of Grimly when he married you.
    Please don’t fret. Enjoy life to the full, regardless of weight.

  2. Those things look like great fun – and of course no worries about weight inside that lot ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s funny, I’ve always loved the way things like rubber outfits can hide flaws – though I think I know what you mean, anything tight like a cuff or belt will easily create an unwanted bulges like tight underwear?

    I think you hit the nail on the head, both about being your own harshest critic (while everyone else thinks you look fine) and about your own perceptions counting for the most, since they are what drives your own moods. I hope you have a good time at the gym, and can feel more confident (and happier in your kink!) as a result!

    (I had a back injury last year, and was off work for months. The one silver lining was the intensive physiotherapy, and getting lots of exercise in the hospital gym. I’d vowed to keep that going when I returned to work, which lasted up until about the moment I got my new term schedule … not happening. Still, I’m determined to get back to it once classes finish again!)

  3. you don’t need a gym when you have Grimly, rubber, and muscles stimulated by tens. you can follow Mrs. KC’s role and be left stewing in your own juices. and then of course there is a house of Gord treadmill set up. much more interesting than pilates

  4. I’d be disappointed to find an angle when I had expected to find a curve.

  5. I’m all for having a positive body image. And I love women of all shapes.
    But the thing that is often ignored in discussions about weight – is health.
    It shouldn’t be about what you look like – it should be about how healthy you are.
    And the hard, cold facts are – overweight = higher potential for diabetes, heart problems, joint problems and so much more.
    Glad you’re making an effort to get healthy. And I’ll bet you that the exercise has much more impact than dieting. Lots of new studies show that the body adjusts and corrects for dieting – holding on to more and more calories the more you diet. There was a great study recently about the American TV Show “the biggest looser” where they tracked the contestants on that show for a few years after. All but one of them regained all the weight and several became even larger. The problem is – the show included drastic diets and their bodies learned to deal with less calories and still gain weight.

  6. I think you look great!

    I feel the same way sometimes though. If it’s just me and Sir, typically, I feel awesome, therefore I must look awesome and sexy. But if there is a photo or the like… it’s like reality slaps me in the face and shows me a distorted view that screws with my head.

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