In deep

So I’m a little bit late posting this, but the video of a pool party we attended in December is now on Serious Images! Here’s a preview and a wee bit of an update…

Our friend Sarah Glover helped organised a party at a pool in the Manchester area whilst Serious Bondage were visiting the UK in December. With the help of our other friends including Fredlow and MsSubtleTortion we managed to probably have the kinkiest pool party there has ever been and certainly there was a very large collection of latex and dive gear!

It was all a bit crazy and the pictures perhaps only show a little bit of what it was really like. Needless to say there was a lot of underwater fondling and such LOL

There was a lot of people just trying things and particularly I got to try breathing underwater with dive gear which I’ve never had the chance to do before 🙂 I also got to try being floated around whilst wearing an orange inflatable studio gum suit…I don’t have photos of that but there is some video of it available on Serious Images.


Here’s a picture of petgirl_kako shiny yet waterproof 🙂


I think it’s safe to say everyone had a good time! It was a lot of fun to get to try out bondage whilst being weightless in the water and just floating around. I’d like to try more water bondage things at some time, but this was a good start!


Other things in life have perhaps not being going so swimmingly so far this year, hence my lack of posting really. We’ve had a family member in hospital for 3 months and so care responsibilities have taken up a lot of our energy and time that might have been diverted onto kink and such things.

Having said that, there are no more hospital visits for the moment 🙂 So, any medical themed goings on will hopefully be fun instead ! Grimly just bought a new latex surgeons outfit so we’re hoping to have some fun with that soon.

We also plan to do some more shoots for Serious Bondage so watch this space…and in May…BOUNDCON!

After Boundcon we’re also going on to visit a very special kinky lady and her husband and she and I are likely to gang up on JG leathers…if he behaves himself between now and then…maybe on Grimly too haha

More regular updates to follow, I promise.

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