Split in two

The video I shot with anne_Omalley is now on Serious Images…take a look but here’s an introduction:

From Serious Images – This is another fantastic and unusual video. Our friend Mrs Feendish (FetLife) takes her submissive on a special trip with the use of blackout contact lenses. These are black contact lenses which block all light and make the wearer completely unable to see even though their eyes are open fully. Yep! This scene is not only very hot but totally mind-blowing. As you will see, Mrs Feendish’s submissive Anne_Omalley (FetLife) stares blankly – her eyes darting around trying to make sense of her predicament – as she is tormented with gas-masks, vibrators and e-stim and nipple weights. Her unknowing stare is is a little spooky to the viewer, which only adds to this unusual scene. A special thanks to Mrs Feendish and Anne_Omalley for sharing their private play with our cameras. These two women are the real deal!

sg1 - 1

You’ll need to watch the video to see what else happens!

Sorry there haven’t been any updates here lately, we’ve been quite busy with ‘non-kink commitments’, as so often happens in life!

3 thoughts on “Split in two

  1. Hello! I read your blog and it’s amazing! It’s all clear to me. I am with you. But to tell you the truth it’s a different story when it comes to me. I’ll tell you this, I’m a dominant woman. And when I say “dominant”, I mean it. As in. I topped every man I encountered!

    Curious about my story? Here: https://powerpainpleasure.wordpress.com

  2. Tried reading your story Miranda, but your blog no longer exists it seems.

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