A review of 2015 part 2 of 2

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! ….to anyone sober enough to read it…hereis the continuation of my review of 2015…


We had fun at a friend’s summer BBQ along with J of bound in latex, romping around the fields in latex and wellies…jul - 1


We had a small play party and played a few electronic games that had lets say, consequences. Here’s Cherry Bakewell being shocked by Grimly..

jul - 1 (1)

We hosted a visit from the office manager of Serious Bondage as well during August, and it was great getting to know her. One of the highlights also was that we had our friend Sarah Glover come and visit to help test Grimly’s modifications to the breath play rig he’s made. I don’t want to explain too much about what’s going on here because I don’t want people to emulate unless they understand the risks…but it was totally breathtaking!
jul - 1 (2)

jul - 1 (3)


We attended an event in Scotland called Highland House. It was basically a kinky conference in a holiday cottage with workshops and a play party, and with a lovely couple catering for everyone. The cottage was close to a small graveyard so we couldn’t resist some necromancy…
jul - 1 (4)jul - 1 (5)

We also had a visit from one of Grimly’s oldest friends Lady Eaton, and her troublesome friend Edwina.

What I’m probably most proud of though is that my friend and I raised Β£230 for McMillan cancer research with the auction of his painting of Bianca Beauchamp! The winner of the auction is a good friend too and he’s looking after it well!



In October we had a visit from the completely crazy rubber lady, Ms SubtleTortion. Here she is having just cooked dinner for us in heavy rubber! Insane!

jul - 1 (6)


I went to my first ever Torture Garden event in Edinburgh. It was OK. To be honest, probably not totally my thing, being mostly a disco with people in rubber rather than bondage and bdsm…but fun with my pony for the night, ‘Stranger’ aka toy dolly.Β The gas mask she is wearing is by wildgasmasks – I want one!jul - 1 (7)

November also brought our second lot of American visitors for the year – the amazing Kinky Tofu. I got to torture Mrs Kinky Tofu in the chair. She seemed happy!

jul - 1 (8)


More Serious Bondage! A second visit from Serious Bondage. Com for 2015. We started it off with a pool party in England where I got to try breath play whilst floating about in the water, Scuba, and all sorts of weird watery stuff. I didn’t get opportunity to try some of my weirder water bondage fantasies…but it was a start so maybe next year!There aren’t too many stills, more video. So I’ll note when the video is available on Serious Images. We did shoots though also back here in Scotland and I got to try some inflatable latex whilst being zapped by my friend Lady AnnisaIMG_1177..and Bound in Latex helped Serious Bondage out with a Christmassy video..which is on the site just now…


though for me, probably the most fun was filming what I did to poor Anne O’Malley involving blind contact lenses, rubber hoods, a wooden electrified pony, tower of pain, breath play, candles, butt plugs, clamps..and vibrators..and probably other stuff that i now forget…a sneak peak…


Hmm…to whoever asked me do I like to do to others what I like to happen to me…HELL FUCKING NO ARE YOU KIDDING! LOL

Also during the Serious Bondage visit we had our friend Cherry Bakewell over again…with her husband. We made a good team!


Grimly and I also took ownership of petgirl kako, so I have two girls to torment now (and I suppose Grimly has three), just one happens to be safely in America most of the time! We are very lucky to have our pets to play with!


So there we go, that is pretty much 2015. Hope everyone reading has a lovely new year and a great 2016. Looking back on 2015 we have spent an awful lot of it playing with friends and collaborating and hopefully there’ll be more of that but perhaps more time for us alone too would be good this year has been busy! Though, I think we have the most fun when we’re doing things with friends and trying out ideas together and we are very thankful for the friends we have.

We’ve already got a lot planned for the coming year including a holiday to Spain in February and Boundcon in May. Yeah, watch out Europe! πŸ˜‰

I might even stay up to date with my blog πŸ˜‰

6 thoughts on “A review of 2015 part 2 of 2

  1. Was a pleasure collaborating with you on such a project πŸ™‚

  2. A great summary of 2015. Thank you for sharing with us. I can’t wait to see what you get up to in 2016.

  3. Thanks for the summary. Sounds like a good year. ‘Not very vanilla’ seems a fair summary.

    I miss your more frequent blog posts but I think you’re wise to treat your blog as something that you do if and when you feel like it, rather than a life sentence to hard labour.

    Anyway your posts now have a rarity value – more Harper Lee than Dan Brown or Barbara Cartland.

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