A review of 2015 : Part 1 of 2

I’m writing my annual review a bit differently this time, mostly because I haven’t blogged a lot, and generally when I have it’s not always been during the month the thing happened in!  So, here is a sort of catch up of my 2015. (pictures contained not work safe)


We had snow here in Scotland, and did some impromptu photos in the snow…

sg1 - 1

sadly the snow caused other issues, since it added to conditions that caused another car to drive into our Alfa Romeo 😦 No one hurt…but the car was written off!

We managed to get to ‘Paws and Claws’ at MARS in Manchester towards the end of January though…

here is a picture of my puppy!

sg1 - 1


Due to the issue with the car….not a great deal happened in February! We spent a lot of our energy planning for March’s visitors…


In March I had an article published on Serious Bondage – here. We also bought a latex sleepsack from our friend TLC Designs :

sg1 - 1

The main event though was that we had our American friends Serious Bondage, Petgirl Kako and Elise Graves staying with us for a week or so. Most of the pictures shown below are from videos that are/will be shown on Serious Images.

We took them to see our friend, Lady Annisa who put Elise in her medical chair

sg1 - 1

Though Elise also got to try Grimly’s chair as well

sg1 - 1

We also had a few local friends over for fun including Goldilocks and her fiancé (just recently engaged – Congratulations to them both!)

sg1 - 1

and also I did a shoot with Anne O’Malley & Cherry Bakewell which included gas masks, the butterfly straightjacket and latex sleepsack and a weird breathing apparatus concoction that Grimly made this year!

sg1 - 1

One of the highlights though of the Serious Bondage trip was the party that we had for them at MARS. I enjoyed it particularly because my lovely Belgian friend, Daever, made it over too, as well as a great many of our other friends including many from Scotland.

sg1 - 1


In April, Grimly made more adjustments to the chair and its control panel, including adding a monitor. One way of watching porn!

sg1 - 1


Those Chair developments continued….with more breath play options incorporated..

sg1 - 1

The article I wrote for Serious Bondage about the chair was also published – here.


We had JG Leathers and his wife over for a few days, and also took them to see our friends Geetwo and Maxi in Wales. We met up with JG again later for DV8 Fetish Festival, an event in Kent. We had quite a lot on for the business lockedforinfinity.com including events at Rubbered Up North near Manchester, DV8, and Leeds. We didn’t seem to take many pictures at any of those events, but here is one of me stupidly wearing latex on probably the hottest day of the year! (there haven’t been many hot days here!) It seemed most of June was spent driving!

sg1 - 1

Part 2 to follow…..

6 thoughts on “A review of 2015 : Part 1 of 2

  1. Quiet year for you both but you do more in a year than most achieve in a lifetime 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting. I loved to picture of you in the snow – happy and beautiful. I enjoyed all the other pictures too – I’m glad you’re not disappearing from this blog. Yours is one of the very best!
    Happy New year to you both.

  3. A happy new Year ! Or should I say: a happy new Bondage Year ! I think so. Like in your blue May Picture smooth and relaxed. Dreaming of more bondage like at DK-Bondage … … …
    Greetings from Cologne, Stephan

  4. KC, this is true, oh I forgot to mention I met this guy who looks really hot in leather trousers in June 😉

    Happy new year all 🙂 xx

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