Area 51

A couple of months ago Grimly and I had a visit from our friend Sarah Glover, who we had originally met when visiting MARS down in Manchester. The pictures that follow are one of the scenes she and I did with a rather special victim 😉

In these pictures Sarah is in the surgeon’s gown and I am wearing the white latex and we both have matching Z56 gas masks. These are quite rare to get hold of, but I think the Z56 is one of my favourite masks since its quite small and feminine compared to many of the other ones. However, in this scene we all thought they made us look rather alien!
sg1 - 1

Once we had found our ‘victim’ and beamed him up into our spacecraft, it was just a matter of wrapping him up in rubber and strapping him down to the medical bed to begin our experiments.

sg2 - 1

I can’t really reveal too much about the nature of the experiments, other than that they involved an elaborate array of breath play apparatus!  I don’t want to reveal our secrets since another victim may read, or more importantly someone may try to replicate without understanding the risks of what we were playing around with.

I feel any kind of play that involves breath play restriction needs to be treated with the caution it warrants. That having said, this was an amazing scene and incredibly rubbery!

Strangely, on the subject of spacemen and aliens…we’ve now acquired a space suit. Yes. Really. Don’t ask . LOL

sg2 - 1 (1)

5 thoughts on “Area 51

  1. This is fascinating!! Sarah Glover has intrigued me for some time, as have you. I await, with bated “breath”, to learn more of your encounter?

  2. Hello This-Girl !

    Was this the right Victim ? You dosn’t move with your “Orion” over Cologne … … …

    Greetings from Steven

  3. This adventure looks exciting in a wonderful bizarre fashion. Would love to the victim on your surgeons table…

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